Kitchen Lighting 101: Knowing The Basics

kitchen lightingEvery family has their own kitchen but, not everybody knows what type of kitchen they really need for their home. Have you tried classifying your kitchen? Do you know what type of kitchen you have? Is there a theme or style it is inspired from?

To what style do you want your kitchen to become? Style is not only for fancy aesthetics but, also to improve its efficiency. You can be a minimalist on your own kitchen if you don’t feel like using some extra accessories in the kitchen.

In short, it is quite necessary that you know exactly what you want to your kitchen. Whatever style or design you decide for your kitchen, just keep in mind that it is to improve not only the aesthetics but also the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. Because technically speaking, your kitchen is a workbench where you make and prepare food.

It is not a proper place to read stories with your children and not even a playing spot for your kids to play hide and seek. It is not even the right place to chitchat with friends for the whole day. In styling your kitchen, take into consideration the normal time you usually make use of it, kitchen countertop installation done and how often it is used in a daily basis. You also better include the most useable utensils in a day.

The design you do on your kitchen is mainly contributed on the proper lighting, especially on the countertops. But, make it to a point that the lighting compliments to the style or theme you apply to your kitchen. You may consult with a contractor for your countertop installation.

There are various ways that you can light up your kitchen and you may start from pendants, chandeliers, track lights, under cabinet lights and island lights. You also would want to light up the surface as well as the wall area (if possible). The fixtures and kitchen lighting techniques you need may depend on how much lighting methods you understand. You would also want to consider the availability and the applicability of the lighting methods you want to use

#1 Task Lighting

Task lighting is one of the most popular lighting methods. Directs light on specific areas so you get enough light. In most of your cooking such us on the counter tops and indented areas you may miss, task lighting serves best.

#2 Recessed Lighting

As one of the most famous lighting methods, this fixture is usually installed in areas above such as upper cabinets. However, only with globe receded and incased when you try to view it from the side. Such lighting method offer sufficient lighting.

#3 Accented Lighting

Such method is utilized or implemented if specific areas in the kitchen need to be shown like the glassware displays and cutlery. This method provides an aesthetic feel which definitely creates a calm ambiance and space.

#4 Cove Lighting

Such method is utilized so areas around the ceiling are focused and the shapes or curves are well complimented. This lighting method works best when accompanied with reflectors.

When you start to apply some lighting methods, it is best to divide the parts first according to their function. Every working area in your kitchen serves different functionality so, you should familiarize them accordingly so your lighting method and style compliment with each other.

More lighting tips

Each area needs proper illumination and each needs separate attention which is essential for the overall of the kitchen. Such variety is called accent lighting. Proper illumination on each area is vital because there are special dishes that needs serious attention so they can be served properly and done properly on the dinner table.

Recessed lighting provides a unique help for such situation so you don’t get negative feedback from your eaters. If you decide on cabinet lighting, it is another way or lighting method that adds great attraction to your kitchen, especially on the counter top which most kitchen owners like.

Such lights are inexpensive and do not consume much energy. Beautiful cabinet lights are affordable so you get light fixtures just within you budget. You may make use of modern backsplash tiles which got texture that matches your choice of theme and include some special value of attraction. If you want to control the brightness and mood of the kitchen, you may utilize dimmer switches according to what you think is best for the mood.

With regards to the type of lights you use, you can make use of LED technology to save energy consumption. LED technology has greatly influenced and revolutionized the modern way of lighting to modern homes. LED lights are engineered to save energy. They are engineered to be eco-friendly and to last long. They produce just enough light without emitting much heat.

The various shapes and shades provide you a lot of option to choose from with regards to your lighting design. You can also consult a granite countertop installer on the ideal lighting concept to match your countertop.

Just start a proper planning in designing and lighting your kitchen. You can also search on the web about the best kitchen lighting methods that will work best in your kitchen. However, if you want to be certain on the processes and proper installation, it is always best to consult with the experts.

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