Easy Homemade Decorations to Improve the Holiday Atmosphere

decorations1There is nothing better than a beautiful homemade decoration. Actually, an even better thing is to make yourself a multitude of decorations with different sizes, shapes and colors. Use natural materials that you can probably find in front of your house, as well as expensive items from the hardware store, or just about everything. Check out the following ideas for decoration of your home and take a pick of your most favorite ones for the upcoming holidays.

– The Christmas gifts are undoubtedly the greatest decoration for the holidays. Because of that, jump on the next level by making your own decoration in the form of Christmas gifts and boxes. Use large size gift paper with brilliant colors like green, blue, red, yellow and white. A ribbon with one color should be enough to make a good addition to the present box. If you decorate dozens of boxes with a different size, you can take advantage of hanging them almost everywhere in the house. Put the small and light boxes on the window frames or attach them hanging on the lamps. The biggest present boxes can be placed near the walls and the floor, around the table or around the sofa. Put your favorite box right on the table, for example, adjacent to another decoration such as candlesticks or angle statues. Don’t forget to keep your home clean and sanitized and get rid of the waste paper. Clean any traces from the glue and the tiny little pieces of paper. It may take a few minutes, but the bright colors of the present boxes alter the home atmosphere even more when everything is freshly clean.

decorations2– The next idea in this list is to en-wrap old or dirty pots with paper bags. The paper bags give a unique sense of coziness and warmth, especially if you choose the right colors to match the flowers and the plants in the pots. Also, measure in advance the circumference of the openings of the pots to make sure that the bags will fit flawlessly. Then, gently lift the small pot with one hand and put the bag underneath the pot. Make some tiny adjustments if needed to pop-up the paper texture of the bag, then put the “new” pot on its place. It will look like a completely new pot, because its color will be hidden from the paper bag. The effect should be even more spectacular if you use bags with different colors.

– Put a wreath on the front door or in a central place of a wall. Make a wreath with items that you can probably find in the backyard, such as long and thin branches, sticks, green leafs and more, or else – cut a couple of small branches from a coniferous tree in the garden. Make a ring out of a wire in a DIY manner, which will form the frame of the wreath. Spend some time for carpet cleaning, because you don’t want to deal with heavy stains from dirt, sand, grit and other blemishes from the garden. A great tip to reduce the risk from spreading dirt in your living room is to soak up the branches and the sticks in a bowl of hot soapy water. It will clean most of the soil from the branches, as well as soften the branches. Then, the assembly of this homemade decoration will be much easier and effective, and it will last longer.

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