10 Awesome DIY Kitchen Design Hacks… #4 is a Favorite!

kitchenYour kitchen is where all the action happens, and it can get messy there. So why not use a splash of creativity and hack your way into a prettier and much more efficient kitchen?

Here you can find 10 great hacks to make your kitchen look awesome and, at the same time, spacious and organized.

1.Amazing spice racks!

There are a couple of ways you can create a cool and efficient spice rack. One is on the left, which makes use of a magnetic strip on your backsplash or overhead counters and just putting up your spices there.

You can also do this on your refrigerator, which is what’s found on the right. Place your spices in a small bottle with a metal container, and all you need is a magnetic strip. This way, you’ll never mix your spices, and it’s easy to see which ones need refilling.

2. Sink Storage Trays

People usually overlook the shelf beneath the sink. But frankly, you shouldn’t! This is the best place to store all your cleaning materials.

Install a small pullout tray or an attached tray inside the shelf, and you have yourself a new storage nook! It’s the perfect place for your hands-off chemicals and cleaning agents.

3. Make use of the shelf doors!

One of best ways to do so is to attach a cute blackboard and turn it into a measuring table, like this one. You could keep all your measuring equipment here and you’ll never have to worry about missing your equipment, or measuring wrongly.

You can also decorate it and change it into a list of the things you keep inside. If ever you get a guest, they’ll be able to easily navigate through your shelves and help you with ease.

4. Use your corners!

You thought your kitchen counter corners are useless, right? Never fear, because now you can actually install corner shelves! This is yet another great way to add more storage space in your kitchen, if you’re the kind of homemaker who just loves to get things in sets.  You can place multilayer shelves, or keep it hollow for the pans and pots.

5. Shoe holders in the kitchen

You heard that right. Shoe holders could also house food items and work splendidly in your kitchen. Attach them to the wall or in a shelf door and viola! You have a great hanging transparent storage for the kids’ snacks. You can also use them to store wooden spatulas, and other light equipment. The best thing about this is you can create your own design and labels, so express yourself!

6. The pegboard

This item could provide so much use in your kitchen. You can use them to hang little baskets like these to hold your kitchen equipment and some fruits.

You can also use them to hang your pots and pot covers easily. Just remember to get the right hooks and to get only premium quality. You don’t want those potatoes or pots dropping unexpectedly, do you?

7. Use old plastic and glass bottles

You’ve seen them in movies, and you’ve seen them in restaurants. So why not use them in your own kitchen as well? Turn those old coke bottles into lovely containers for pasta.

You can also use old wine bottles or beer bottles for storing beans and smaller items. They don’t just look classy; they also keep your kitchen neat and clean!

8. Magnetic racks

Aside from putting spices on your fridge door, you can also attach magnetic strips on racks (or just buy magnetic racks) and use them as extra storage. Use them to keep spice bottles or snacks for the kids. You can also use it with tissue holders, pot holders and towel hangers. It’s great if you could also design it a bit with some magnetic décor.

9. Use the walls

If your kitchen is short on counters or cabinets, then use your walls! Attach shelves to place your pots and pans and bowls. You can design it anyway you want, and you can place as many shelves as you want. Go crazy! You can also attach racks for the plates. Below the shelves, you can attach some hangers or an old rake to hang some of your kitchen equipment. You can also use this rake hack for wine glasses.

10.Old curtain rods as dividers

Now you don’t have to play trial and error with your flat trays and cutting boards. Use old curtain rods, cut them up and turn them into instant dividers. Now you can store your trays and boards easily without worrying how to place them neatly (and without falling).

The great thing about DIY is you get to do all the fun stuff on your own, and you can control the design of everything. Just remember to choose prime materials, and to always be careful when handling the equipment. Happy hacking!

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