5 Areas to Improve to Increase Your Home’s Value

house for saleSo you’ve decided to move on and sell your house. Selling the property can be quite easy once you’ve put up that “For Sale” sign. However, if you really want to maximize your property’s value and sell your house for a really good price, then you’ll have to do a little bit of magic in your home.

Home improvements don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg for you. You just have to spruce up your house’s appeal a little bit more so you can get more, if you know what I mean.

First impressions do last, and you would want to make such an impression on your customers that they will say yes to whatever price you say. Here are five simple ways to improve your house and to up-sell its value:

1. Take the face value and bank on curb appeal

Yes, it’s what the inside that counts. But let’s face it (pun intended) – people take things at face value. Whatever they see on the outside will the basis of their judgment on what’s inside. So you better do your best to make the exterior of your house pretty.

Before you resolve to a total repaint, why not do a massive cleanout first? You’ll never know the power of a few suds. Clean up your façade and watch the colors reappear. If you’re not satisfied, then turn to paint.

Another cheap way of making your house look prettier is to clean up that lawn. An overlooked lawn can create such a bad impression, so tame it a little bit to put some green beauty for your home. Trim your lawn and shape those hedges. Put in a few flowers, if you have some extra budget for it.

2. Make space

Before you destroy anything or sell stuff online, I just want to be clear that you’re just creating space, not letting things go. Clean up the clutter in all of the rooms and then check your house out. Nothing impresses a potential buyer more than massive space. Line your furniture up the walls and redecorate.

Make sure when the buyer comes in, he or she sees plenty of space. But, not too much space that the house looks bare. Put just enough to achieve that wow factor. Replace old drapes with cheerier, lighter colors. If you have the time and the money, go for blinds and shutters to make your rooms look less stuffy. A large mirror would also increase your home’s area drastically.

3. Improve your windows

Aside from the usual paint and clean, why not consider changing your windows altogether? Window replacement can be quick and easy, and there are hundreds of designs to choose from. A trick on extending your room area is by widening your windows, or just simply letting more natural light come in.

After getting rid of those old drapes, why not replace your windows with something bright colored and lets a lot of sunshine in. Trust me, it adds to that awe-inspiring sigh you want to hear from your clients. This is best done in the kitchen, living room and bedroom areas.

4. Level up the kitchen

Speaking of the kitchen, you might want to do a little renovating on your kitchen as well. If you’re looking to sell your house to a woman or to one with a family, then the kitchen is one of the most important areas they will consider.

As before, make sure there’s a lot of space. If you have an island, make sure there’s enough space to walk on between the isle and the counters. Have a theme for the kitchen. You can add (or replace) a backsplash on your stove for a more classic look.

A quick change to make your kitchen look classier is to replace your countertops. They tend to catch people’s attention quickly so you better choose the best countertops that would fit your kitchen and your theme. Another eye-catcher is the equipment, so make sure they’re all shiny.

5. Make it energy efficient

Nothing makes a house more appealing than declaring that it cuts down energy costs. Clients would most definitely grant you a nod if you have energy efficient equipment, so invest! One great way is a beautiful and functional ceiling fan.

Not only does it provide a nice breeze for the hot days, but it adds a wonderful aesthetic on your house. You can also switch to energy-saving light bulbs. Choose those with a softer, southern light to make your rooms warmer and more comfortable than they seem. If you can splurge a little more, change your appliances to energy-savers.

Throw away all of your purchasing-related stress with these easy techniques. Once you’ve done all these, just sit back and watch the magic work its way to your clients. Give love to your house, and it will definitely give love back: in monetary form, that is.

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