Use Thermal Imaging Cameras to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

thermal imagingEnergy efficiency has become an important concern for most home owners and business these days. As energy prices are sky rocketing, and fossil fuel reserves are depleting and concerns regarding global warming are growing, people are making efforts to save energy.

If you wish to improve the energy efficiency of your home, make use of thermal imaging camera as they can precisely provide the easiest and the fastest means of detecting the energy loss in a home. You can use this device to find out which areas or appliances in your area are causing wastage of energy and can insulate them properly to minimise heat loss and to reduce your energy bills eventually. These thermal cameras emit infrared radiation as visible light and allow one to detect things that are otherwise invisible to the naked human eye. Also called FLIR cameras – or Forward Looking Infrared cameras, they have been used for many years in a variety of different ways. The most common application of these cameras include night vision, and security and law enforcement.

Thermal imaging cameras are also used for predictive maintenance, detecting problems on mechanical, electrical and structural systems, and for figuring out areas where moisture is building up. Construction companies across Europe and in other parts of the world making increased usage of thermal cameras to quickly and easily identify areas of heat and air loss.

Compared to normal cameras, the resolution of thermal imaging cameras is fairly low. When used for temperature measurement, the warmest part of the picture is shown in white colour and the coolest parts in blue colours. In-between temperatures are shown in red and yellow colours. This allows one to see a visual presentation of energy loss in one’s building.

When conducting energy audit, the camera records the area and resistance to heat flow for various components. Then the leakage rate and air infiltration rate is measured. This helps in measuring the thermal performance of a building. You can also find out the efficiency, physical condition and programming of the various mechanical systems in your home like ventilation, heating and thermostat during this process.

As thermal imaging cameras are quite easy to use, most home inspectors and energy auditors use them for finding out which properties are wasting away energy and how it can be saved. They send the visual reports to their clients and offer them valuable advice as to how they save reduce energy wastage can hep save their money and the environment.

Reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency by investing in quality thermal imaging camera. Thermal cameras play an integral role in home improvement nowadays.


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