Trendy Coffee Table Designs for Contemporary Living Rooms

Black-coffee-table-fish-tankWinters and holiday seasons are ideal to indulge in tranquil activity of consuming pacific and placatory beverages to enjoy the coziness of celebrations as well as freezing climate. To create a soothing atmosphere at your place, you need some furnishing elements to relish the taste with comfort. Cocktail counters or coffee table are one such furniture that will assist you to arrange Mélange parties and coffee sessions along family and friends. We would like to present some trendy designs of coffee tables for home renovations with up-to-date vision.


Platted coffee table designs are most versatile and ethnic to be crafted by you with basic material and simple steps. Nowadays, it is the best DIY furniture that is so much in fashion to décor living spaces in natural theme. You can have variety of finishes in platted tables from shiny polish to rustic surfaces. Flattened wooden planks and few blocks are enough to create depleted coffee table with wheels to move around easily. Paint it with your favorite pattern or color or just give it a fabulous shine with dark wooden furniture polish to enhance the focal area of lounge.

Storage Efficient

You must have seen coffee and center tables in living rooms in box shape to make it storage efficient furniture piece. But now you can also enjoy other styles of storage providing coffee tables that are accommodating as well as trendy. Magazine holder coffee counters are perfect for embellishing study corners, coffee tabletop with wine holder underneath can help you to throw thrilling holiday parties or simple table with two shelves can also make elegant storage by adding cool boxes.

Aqua Life Holder

Small spaces need much attention to create well-formed rooms entailing all the elements of comfort, sophistication and aesthetics. While considering coffee table for such spaces should be a bit more creative to serve multiple purposes. Aqua life holder transparent coffee table is ideal to tote up in the dull spaces to make them vibrant and lively. You can be bold enough to incorporate live aquarium filled with colorful fishes and sea life, or else can make the effect through lustrous 3D aquarium posters to paste inside your transparent coffee box and make it alive.

Vintage Style

For home containing vintage theme décor, antique coffee table style is more convenient to blend with the design of room. Vintage styles are also available in diverse patterns to provide freshness and innovation along with sticking to the old trends of interior. Antique interiors should be elaborated with traditional furniture, rustic flooring, textured drapes and vintage canvas prints on walls to bring the conventional look. Traveler’s box design with antique golden work, elongated wooden desk in textures finish to cater extensive seating arrangement, black cocktail table to serve square rooms and wooden pillars holding sheet of glass can be some ideas to consider for vintage abodes.

Split Design

Neoteric dwellings require everything in style and distinction to keep up the modern appearance. For such interiors, experts advise to make extraordinary marks in architecture as well as furnishes. Mechanical, metallic and convertible patterns are more in fashion to create the modern layout of a house or corporate building. In such designs, coffee tables should also emerge in convertible or splitting patterns. Asymmetric layouts in cocktail counters, wooden boxes assembled together, naturally cracked look, fragmented multiple portions and ottoman heavy coffee furniture are best to design your living area in most up to date fashion.


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