From Torches to Outdoor Personal Heating Equipment – How Butane Touches Your Life

Butane_torchRefined butane is derived from natural gas and a highly inflammable hydrocarbon. The gas is used in many applications today and probably touches your life directly. For example, for about a century, we have used handheld lighters in lighting a cigarette and they have to be refilled with butane every now and then. Propane is made with butane as one of the chief raw materials for use in powering open air barbecue grills and heaters and many other items such as kitchen torches needed in creating crème brulee. Burning butane rises to about 1,700 degrees K, making it a very important source of power in both commercial and industrial grade torches.

Butane is enormously used in many applications such as powering industrial and consumer torches, grade lighters and heating equipment for the outdoors. The highest quality level must be maintained and anyone with gear powered by butane must consider the butane quality he intends to use.


Lighters are some of the products that consume butane and most of them have been noted for their innovative craftsmanship and creative design, competitive pricing and warranty. If you are searching for a butane lighter, you might want to go for a long lasting design that produces wind resistant flames, whether the conditions are the worst or not.

Jet torch lighters

Another product using butane is the jet torch lighter and one of the products relying on the best quality butane. Most companies manufacture nine triple, seven dual, two quadruple, one quintuple flame lighters including the gigantic 23-single flame lighter.

Pipe lighters

Pipe lighters also represent a lot of innovation and reliability in butane with some incorporating a three-in-one pipe tool within their design.

Flint lighters

In 100 years, flint lighters have been thoroughly transformed. The top models today give a flame from the best refined butane as well as from the action of ferrocerium pieces that creates a flame by rubbing against a coarse surface.

Butane-filled lighters

These are butane gas lighters in designs that make them resist wind and can be refilled. It is possible to buy new inserts separately for these lighters. You can also have a custom logo on your lighter, perhaps your own wording, name, personal or company logo.


If you have products that use butane, you must ensure they are not just of an outstanding quality in their make but also easy to maintain. Get as much information on maintenance instructions as you can for all torches, lighters and butane products being sold to be on the safer side. Butane refilling instructions are also very important, such as flint replacement in flint lighters. Above all, you must ensure your lighters do not come into contact with dust.

Also, lighter leather covers can be used in keeping dirt and debris out of your lights. The catalyzing area of your lighter can be cleaned with compressed air in a can for unimpeded performance.   Perhaps the most important cushion as you buy a lighter or any other product using butane is getting it from a company that has been producing such items for decades.

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