Plumbing Emergencies – Your Ultimate Guide

emergencyplumbingIt is normal to have plumbing problems. To ensure you have avoided these unforeseeable tribulations, there are a number of things you can do.  Some plumbing problems are also more serious than others and are an emergency in themselves. Here are a number of these emergency plumbing concerns as a guide just in case they happen in your home.

Ruptured pipes

Burst pipes are a major emergency and their damage can be serious if nothing is done to them. So many reasons also cause rupture in pipes such as freezing temperatures. As the water within the pipe keeps on freezing, the expansion taking place adds lots of pressure within the pipe and can cause accidental damage or mistreatment of the pipe. You should always call a plumber, but you need to do a number of things first.

Firstly, find the stop valve and proceed to close it. If you have no idea where to find it, this is the right time to learn so that you can stop water from flowing until the problem is rectified. Once the stop valve is closed, all taps in the home should be turned on to drain all the water held up within the plumbing system. Before the plumber has completed the repair and assessed the problem, you might want to stay away from power outlets, lights and electric outlets. A leak is capable of affecting the electric circuit of a home.

Blocked drain

A burst pipe is serious business, but a blocked drain is also very inconvenient. The living conditions of any home are in jeopardy, especially if the smell is reaching every corner of the home. As much as the waste is not seeping through your bathroom installations, the odors can seep through. Before calling your plumber, find a plunger and use it on the drain affected. The rubber cup should be put over the opening of the drain as plunging is done consistently in an effort to have the pipe cleared. Sometimes, this does not work and a cleaning solution specifically for the drain should be used with the required amount poured and the drain left for some time. The chemical in the solution deals with the blockage by breaking it down to levels easy to clear.

Gas leaks

A bursting pipe can cause damage, although nothing is as dangerous as a gas leak. If they are not handled well, death could easily occur. Unless you are a professional heating engineer or trained plumber, you should never try to deal with a gas problem on your own. However, ensure all windows and doors are opened across the house so that the gas can filter out. Leave the house with your family until the professional plumbers you have called have arrived and looked into the issue and declared the house safe. Also, if you think there is a gas leak around your home, igniting a flame, perhaps with a match box, should never happen.

Most people ignore the fact that a running faucet is a hazard and an emergency. This is because no taps in your home should be leaking water, especially if you have turned them off. Have a plumber change any leaking faucet because it will continue causing problems until it has finally broken down completely.

This article is written by Mark who recently had to call Milwaukee Plumber to get his blocked drain unclogged. He got great advice from them on measures to ensure drains are never blocked again.

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