Seven Things You Can Do To Brighten Up Your Room And Put You In A Better Mood

There is definitely something to be said about coming home to a bright and lit up room.  It just puts you in a much better mood, especially if you are coming home from job you despise.  If your house needs a little brightening up to improve your mood, here are seven ways to do it.

natural lightingUse Natural Light

Natural light has been known to reduce stress and improve your mood.  If you do not have a sky ceiling that allows natural light to come in from the ceiling, try opening your blinds/shades up. If you do not want to open all you blinds/shades, open the blinds/shades facing westward as the sun sets on the west side.

plantAdd A Plant

Plants act as natural purifiers, enabling you to breathe clean air in the comfort of your own home.  When picking a plant, pick bright colors that will complement your home.  Also remember to water it often or it will die.  It is also widely believed that merely looking at plants will put you in a better mood.

Choose Light Furniture

Dark furniture can make the room appear a bit morbid and heavy.  So changing the color of the furniture is any easy way to brighten up a room.  Although lighter furniture tends to get dirtier, they do an excellent job of accenting the walls to make for a brighter room.  If you are looking for some cheap light-colored furniture, IKEA has a great selection.

lightingChange Your Lighting

Sometimes the easiest solution to a dark room is just simply adjusting the lighting in your room.  If the bulbs are not bright enough to brighten up all four corners of the room, consider switching to brighter bulbs.  Brightness of bulbs is rated in terms of lumens.  The dimmest is 450 lumens (lm) and the brightest is 2600 lumens.  Know your bulb’s lumens and adjust accordingly.

Sometimes it is not the brightness of the bulbs that is the problem; sometimes it is just the way your room is situated.  Try to remove any dense or bulky objects near the main light source as this can block the light source from travelling to other parts of the room.  If you do not want to move your room furniture around to complement the main light source, then try placing a lamp in an area that needs the most light.


framed art


Frame A Picture Or Art

To make this work, the artwork or photo needs to be something refreshing and lively with vibrant colors.  So anything dark and gloomy is out.  Try getting pictures of beaches or cityscapes to frame on your wall.  You can order a lot of great pictures and artwork from Deviant Art.  Additionally, you can put up portraits of your family and friends. Being reminded of loved ones will always put you in a better mood.

Clean Your Room!

A dirty and messy room will make your room look like a garbage dump.  Cleaning your room will create more space in your room and allow more light to disperse.

Repaint The Walls

I’m saving the most costly option for last.  Repainting a wall is expensive and time consuming.  It can literally take you weeks just to paint a room.  So do not do this unless you really have to.  This situation is ideal when the previous owner painted the walls with a dark color or the walls needs serious retouching.

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