Important Things to Look for in a Towel Rack

If you’re like me then you’ve probably never put much thought into buying a towel rack. You probably think it’s enough to just find one that looks decent at a fair price and hope for the best. The truth is there are a number of things you should look for when buying a towel rack.

If you don’t do your research or give your selection much thought you could end up with a cheap piece of junk. It sounds a little harsh but it’s true. Not all towel racks are created equal. Purchasing an inferior product won’t just fail to meet your needs. It could mean replacing your new towel rack in just a few short months. Talk about a pain in the butt.

Today we’ll be looking at what you should be looking for before pulling the trigger on a new towel rack. This guide will help you decide on the perfect rack so you don’t get hung out to dry.


If you’re a woman you are probably aware of your own personal style and décor. If you’re a man living with a woman you’re probably painfully aware of her need to make things match. If you’re a man with excellent taste and style then all of this is probably going in one ear and out the other. No matter what the case may be, the style of towel rack you choose should match the décor of the room it is installed in.

Take a moment to consider the style of towel rack you’d like to install.

  • Modern – Clean lines and an elegant, sophisticated look. Could be glass, metal or even plastic.
  • Country – Perhaps a oil rubbed bronze or antiqued white finish.
  • Act Deco – Something with fancy patterns or elements of art incorporated.
  • Antique – Maybe you’d rather go with an antique towel rack than something purchased brand new.

What It’s Made Out Of

The quality of the towel rack you choose will depend a lot on the materials it’s made from. Inexpensive towel racks are generally plastic and may not hold up well to a heavy, wet towel. When shopping around you can easily find towel racks constructed from the following materials:

  • Plastic
  • PVC (More Durable than Traditional Plastic)
  • Wood
  • Metal (May be Steel, Iron, Copper, Brass or Aluminum)
  • Glass
  • Stone (Granite, Travertine or Cast Stone)
  • Ceramic or Porcelain

You really can’t go wrong when you pick a durable material such as wood, metal or even stone. Each type of material has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.


The finish is more important on some types of materials than others. You generally won’t need to worry about finish on a plastic or glass towel rack. It’s more important to think about the type of finish with a wood or metal towel rack. Is it painted? Will it chip easily? Is it easy to scratch? Putting a wet towel on a rack every day can easily wear away the finish and leave your rack looking old and worn out.

Number of Towel Bars/Rods

The number of towels bars or rods you should look for will depend a lot on your own personal needs. How many people are in your family? Do you often have guests over? Some large towel racks will support multiple wet and dry towels. Purchasing a rack that holds your dry towels as well is a convenient way to store and access your towels.


Last but not least you’ll definitely want to consider the dimensions of your new towel rack. It’s really a bummer getting your new towel rack home just to realize it isn’t going to fit where you want it to. Always measure twice and verify that the installed dimensions of the rack you like will fit your needs.


Buying a towel rack isn’t the biggest decision of your life. That doesn’t mean you should make a bad decision though. The most important thing is picking a towel rack that will not only fit your style but also the physical dimensions of the room you’re installing it in. Everything else is merely a matter of personal taste and preference.

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