3 Reasons You Need a Towel Rack

Like Mr. T always said “I pity the fool who doesn’t have an amazing towel rack”. OK, maybe Mr. T never said that, but he should have. Having a great towel rack can save you money, warm you up on a cold winter day and even help keep you smelling fresh and clean. Read on to discover the 3 reasons why you need a towel rack. It could LITERALLY change your life forever.

#1: You Want to Save Money and The Environment

Going green is becoming hugely popular, and saving money is evergreen. Who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks while helping to reduce their own carbon footprint? This is really a no-brainer. A towel rack can easily help you to achieve both goals for a minimal investment of time and money.

You get to save money because you won’t have to wash your towels after every use. It might not seem like it, but this can really add up over time. Hanging your towels out to dry will allow you to use them several times before washing. Washing towels costs you money whether you wash them at home or take them to a Laundromat. You’re paying for power or to run the machine. You also pay for other things such as detergent and dryer sheets.

EwwwWhen you wash your towels less you will also be helping the environment. The less power you use the smaller your carbon footprint becomes. The less you need to wash your towels the less power you will be using overall. This isn’t just good for your pocketbook. It’s also good for the world we all live in as well.

#2: You Don’t Want to Smell Bad

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a wet towel wadded up in the hamper because you didn’t have any clean ones to use. It sounds kind of gross but everyone’s probably done it at one point. Not only will a wet towel not help you to get very dry, it will also make you smell bad.

A wet towel will quickly start to build up nasty stuff like mold and bacteria. This is especially true if you heap it into a hamper full of dirty clothes. Even if you just wad it up on the floor it will quickly start to smell. Without a towel rack your wet towel will never be able to dry completely before it starts to stink.

Then when you go to use that wet towel wadded up in the hamper all of the nasty mold and bacteria is transferred to your skin. Talk about disgusting. If you think your towel smells bad take a whiff of your skin after you use it. Just think, all of that could be avoided by simply installing a towel rack.

Nice Warm Towel

#3: You Want a Nice Warm Towel

Have you ever used a towel right after it’s come out of the dryer? Do you remember how warm and soft it felt? How good it smelled? Imagine if you could have that same experience every single time you get out of the shower.

That’s exactly what a towel rack with a built-in towel warmer could do for you. Waking up on a cold winter day is so much more enjoyable when you’ve got that warm, soft towel waiting for you. A towel warmer will keep your towels toasty warm and will even help them dry after use.

Towel racks with a built-in towel warmer are relatively inexpensive. They’re also fairly easy to install. You can find them in a variety of styles and colors to meet your own personal décor. There’s really nothing like having that fresh out of the dryer feeling to greet you every time you get out of the shower.

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