Five Reasons Why You Should Plant A Garden

Growing your own food is becoming a very popular trend lately.  This is partially due to the economic crunch of the last several years.  The National Gardening Association stated that home gardening increased by 19 percent in 2009.  The home gardening industry is definitely turning into a growth industry so if you are deciding if you should plant your own garden or not, here are five great reasons why you should.

gardeningIt saves you money. A garden may take time to grow itself but once it does, it will save you tons of money.  By having a garden that is self-sufficient, you are able to grow your own food supply instead of having to buy it at the grocery store.  Some home gardeners have saved over $2,000 just by growing their own vegetables.  A study done by Burpee Seeds shows that spending $50 on gardening supplies can potentially turn into $1,250 worth of vegetable produce per year.  To save even more money, consider joining a garden co-op, where you plant a community garden that others can share.

It is better for your health. The vegetables and fruits we buy at the store are sprayed with chemicals to keep the fresh and clean.  Furthermore, genetically modified vegetables are becoming more commonplace in grocery stores as it becomes more cost efficient to produce.  Although genetically modified food has not been proven to be detrimental to your immediate health, there is some controversy concerning the long-term effects.  So by planting your own garden, you know that you are eating chemical-free and unmodified food.  Furthermore, organically grown food is shown to provide your body with more vitamins and nutrients than synthetic chemicals.

It can make you some money.  You can grow your garden and bring it to the local farmers’ market to sell to others.  Don’t think that this is quick cash though, you will need a pretty big garden in order to make this a worthwhile venture.  If you do not have a big enough garden to make a decent profit, you can always use your homegrown food to barter with others.

It helps the environment.  Growing your own food will reduce the amount of air and water pollution on Earth.  By growing your own food, there isn’t a need for the use of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.  Additionally, farms today eat up more energy than ever before; farms account for 12 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States.  By growing our own food, you are thereby reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part in helping reduce the effects of global warming.

It is a stress reliever.  Planting your own garden puts you in a very zen-like state and can be extremely therapeutic.  There are a few reasons for this. First, gardening actually requires a fair amount of concentration.  If you are concentrating on gardening, you will distract yourself from whatever you are currently stressed about.  Second, being able to grow your own garden gives you a sense of accomplishment, which is essential to living a fulfilling and happy life.   Third, some evidence suggests that nature in and of itself is a great stress reliever

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