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100 Bohemian Decor Ideas

The lure and appeal of the bohemian lifestyle, which certainly extends to bohemian décor ideas, has remained true for decades.…

3 Reasons You Need a Towel Rack

Like Mr. T always said “I pity the fool who doesn’t have an amazing towel rack”. OK, maybe Mr. T never said that, but he should have. Having a great towel rack can save you money, warm you up on a cold winter day and even help keep you smelling fresh and clean. Read on…

Add Some Pizzazz to Your Poolside

Okay so you’ve just installed your pool outside in your yard but it looks somewhat bland. You already have all the basics – pool floaties, a water slide, a roller coaster, but you want more! Well, if you are one of the lucky few people with an outdoor pool, here are three things you can…