The First Steps To Building Your Own Garden Pond

garden pondGarden ponds are not exactly a popular sight in many yards and gardens.  However, for those that want to decorate their property, a garden pond is a perfect accent to a house’s uniqueness.  If you are interested in decorating your yard with a garden pond, here is a basic guide for you of things you will need to create your backyard pond.

Know What Type Of Pond You Are Building

There are several different types of ponds you can choose from when you are thinking about your garden pond.  The two most common garden ponds are the Koi Pond and the Water Garden.

A Koi Pond is a garden pond that allows Koi fishes to live inside.  This will tremendously diminish the amount of plant life that will grow in your pond.  It is recommended that your Koi Pond be at least 1000 gallons in volume.  The area also needs to be around 4 to 5 feet deep.  Koi fishes can get quite huge and you will need the room for them to live.

The second type of pond you can build is called a Water Garden.  A Water Garden can contain both goldfishes and different types of water plants.   Since goldfishes do not get as big as koi fish, a Water Garden only 2 feet deep will suffice.

Selecting The Proper Location

In order to install a pond, you will need very precise specifications in terms of the location of your pond.  For instance, you need to put the pond at a higher elevation relative to the rest of your backyard so that there is no runoff into the pond when it rains.  You also need to keep your pond away from trees as leaves or bark can fall into your pond, especially in areas of high winds.  Additionally, you will also need your pond in a location where it gets a lot of sunlight since the sun is important in keeping bacteria from developing in the pool.

Figure Out The Size Of Your Pool

koi pond

After you’ve selected a proper location, you will need to figure out how big you want your pool to be.  Of course how big your pool can get will be largely dependent on what your backyard allows—but make sure it is big enough to make it livable for the fish in the pond.  If you plan on having specific types of aquatic plants in your pond, you will also need your pool to fit specific specifications in order for the plant to survive.

Do The Work

After doing the three steps above, it is time to actually go out and do the hard work.  That means you will need to measure very specifically, dig the pond, go buy the appropriate filters and pumps, line the pond with pond underlayment,  buy pond liners, and buy the fish and plants you want to put in the pond.  Of course this is just a general survey of how to get started if you are thinking about building a garden pond.  It is hard work so do not take it lightly.  If you want to build a garden pond, plant on setting side a month to do so—which includes all the research and actual labor.  Good luck!

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