How to Maintain a Cozy Home in the Dark Winter Months

winterWith winter approaching, some home owners are looking for ways to bring light to a dark season. This post will discuss innovative ways that homes can be warm and cozy with light and comfort in the dark season of winter.

Get Rid of Drafts and Leaks

Typically, windows are the main culprit for leaking out warmth and letting the cold seep into your home. To save up on heating bills and to maintain an energy efficient home, it’s best to opt for insulation. You can choose to install the insulation yourself using simple caulk and blank insulation. Shrink-wrap drafty windows with specialized winter home insulation. This usually includes clear plastic sheeting and double-sided tape.

Heavy Winter Curtains

If you need a quick fix, try hanging themed winter curtains or drape a blanket over the window. When choosing heavy drapes, pick out your favorite accent colors that complement the interiors of your home. It’s a great way to insulate the house while bringing warm colors and cozy ambiance indoors. Drapes add a nice layer of softness to the walls and help block drafts. Also, you may want to buy tightly woven fabrics that have insulated lining. To create a pleasant cocooning effect, hang them from ceiling to floor.

led light bulbCandles and Energy-Saving Lights

Instead of relying on artificial lights, why not create a warm atmosphere by lighting up candles? They add a wonderful, natural glimmer during dark winter nights, and they will also help you save on energy bills. Give yourself different lighting options such as LED bulbs that are highly efficient and dim-able. Place a bright lamp in darker corners so you won’t have to use overhead lights. You can install dimmer switches if you’d like to soften overhead lights and achieve a cozier glow.

Soft Slippers and Welcome Mats

Nothing else can make you feel more homey than ditching your outdoor shoes and wearing something comfier as you reach the doorstep. Keep some slippers by the door, and place an absorbent welcome mat in the entryway. Through this, you’ll feel comfortable immediately upon reaching home. Plus, you’ll avoid tracking mud and dirt through the house.

Group Furniture Strategically

To create a setting of more intimacy, push chairs, tables, sofas, and floor lamps away from the walls, and arrange them into the center of large areas. Warm the floors by laying soft rugs and scattering a few cushions and floor pillows. These items will surely make you feel warmer.

Essential OilsFresh Indoor Atmosphere

Since indoor air can be suffocating, it’s good to freshen up the environment. If you don’t like conventional air fresheners, look for an essential oil diffuser which effectively disperses fresh scents such as citrus. Buy 100 percent pure organic essential oils only to avoid chemical components.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will help you manage your heating more easily. It’s an excellent way to cut down your overall energy costs. Just make sure to program it correctly or you might end up heating the house even when not necessary.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through a cold winter. Spending time indoors will be much easier when you have a winter haven that’s warm, cozy, and energy efficient.

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