How To Make a Powder Blue Kitchen Work for You

Many people want their home to feel light, open and airy. For some, that means ensuring their space has a lot of windows for natural lighting. Others aim for open floor plans to achieve the same effect. Some homeowners instead will consider how they can use color to open up the space, leading them to the idea of pastels and other soft colors such as powder blue to do the trick. Unfortunately, colors like powder blue can be a lot more difficult to pull off than they seem at first.

If you’re thinking about something this bold for your home, below are a few tips on how to actually make it work.

Be Sure There’s Balance

Such an eye-catching and colorful kitchen calls for something a little tamer to balance it out. To tone down the color of the powder blue, it’s a good idea to choose simple finishes for some of the areas of the kitchen, such as a white backsplash and matte appliances that don’t add any extra, distracting shine. To reduce its busy look, avoid adding a tile backsplash.

Continuity Is Key

If you have a kitchen that connects to other spaces nearby such as a pantry, consider bringing that same vibe of the kitchen into the space as well. Choose a color for the walls that complements the blue in the kitchen but that is not exactly the same, as this will offer a better flow to the unorthodox kitchen area.

Try to Ground the Space

Choosing a motif that is grounding can help to offset the unusual color of the kitchen. Choose a wallpaper for rooms nearby that complement it well, such as ones with pale green and yellow details. Plant-based designs tend to work well in this situation, as it gives it an earthy, springtime feel.

Test It Out Before Committing

Even though it may look great in your head, you may end up being dissatisfied with how it turns out in reality. To reduce the chances of you lugging all that paint home only to be disappointed with the first brushstroke, order samples first to make sure that powder blue that you can see yourself enjoying for the long term isn’t just a passing fancy. If you find you cannot commit to an entire room in this color, after all, you don’t have to abandon the idea completely. Instead, you can add splashes of it elsewhere, such as on the cabinets accented with white to offset it. You could also use the color as a backsplash.

When you’re toying with the idea of taking some creative design risks and decorating your kitchen with a color like powder blue, it’s a good idea to have a game plan on how you plan to pull such a quirky shade off. With a little bit of balance and coordination, you can make your kitchen into a bold and lovely place that you are proud to show off to your guests.

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