Increase Your Home’s Value With Just a Little Paint

Having fresh paint on the walls in your home can make a huge difference when you’re getting ready to sell your house. Potential buyers will be presented with an excellent first impression and will leave them with the belief that the house has been taken care of over the years. Besides making the space more attractive to your potential buyers through cleaning, decluttering and staging, choosing certain colors to paint your walls may benefit you significantly.

This is because buyers have to be able to picture themselves living in the home, and part of this means being able to picture their existing furniture working well with the color of the paint. It is a good idea to use the paint colors to make a space that feels relevant to various styles and aesthetics, so they can easily imagine this, no matter what their furniture might look like.

Warm Grays

Warm grays are not only elegant but are neutral and easy to match with furnishings and decor. When selling your home, you want to present high traffic areas of the home as welcoming and comfortable to make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. A warm gray is a timeless hue for the job, and it will match just about any color of furniture and decor that they may have.

Soft White

Airy and light, you can’t go wrong with crisp white paint. White walls make it much easier for potential buyers to see how their furniture, fabrics and artwork might work in the space. Choosing nuanced whites can help make a clean background for anything at all. You can also choose a brighter shade of white if you want something that is going to pop out a little more.

Smooth Beige

A pleasing shade of beige can make a space feel quite inviting, as the color is quite warm and versatile, making it easier to imagine oneself getting comfortable in the space.


Creamier colors of off-white can make the space feel welcoming and cozy. Not only this, this color tends to appeal to more sophisticated tastes while still being plenty adaptable. It creates a nice backdrop for furniture, decor and accessories and is one that guests can easily imagine their belongings against. Spaces that are painted off-white often are seen as more versatile in different design circles, which will certainly work to your benefit.

Light Pastels

If you want to add a bit of personality and color, you can choose a mid-to-light pastel hue. This will add some flair without overpowering the room. Good options are pale silvery greens and blues or a soft, muted pink.

Though there are a lot of steps you know you can take to make your space feel more attractive to potential buyers, one of the most important ones is often overlooked: a paint job. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint in one of the above-recommended colors to assist you in selling your home.

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