Hanging a Wreath Without Leaving Holes

A wreath is a classic and beautiful method of welcoming guests to the house, not just during the holidays but all year-round. Wreaths are ever-trendy, and people are constantly making wreaths for all occasions and seasons for you to decorate your front entry. Whether that is generally for autumn, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or, of course, Christmas, you can practically have a wreath on your home the whole year.

Even so, as nice as they are to have, you may be wary to hang them due to the fact that they often require you to make a hole in the door to accommodate the nail that will support it. Fortunately, there are alternative ways of hanging up wreaths for you to consider, so you can have all of the decoration they bring without any permanent damage.

Deciding How To Hang the Wreath

There are three things to consider before deciding how to hang a wreath: its weight, the kind of door you have and the best product to hang it with. To figure out the weight of the wreath, weigh an empty box, then place the wreath in the box and find the difference. Mostly, they will all weigh less than five pounds, as they are, by nature, fairly lightweight. Now, you can consider some of the methods below.

Self-Adhesive Hooks

Command strips are a great choice for hanging up your wreath. Make sure that you wipe down and clean the door where you plan to place the adhesive strips beforehand to make sure that it sticks properly. After it has dried, you can then apply the strips and attach the hook. The truth to hanging one using these strips is to attach Velcro to small pieces of cardboard and put it on the back of the wreath; then use that cardboard to stick to the adhesive strips.

Wreath Hangers

Designed specifically for the job, wreath hangers are good for those who have enough room between the top of the door and the door frame to slip the thin, usually metal bar between. Make sure your door is appropriately sized for this, otherwise the door might not close properly.

Use a Ribbon

You can hang your wreath from the top of the door using a three-inch wide satin ribbon that is long enough once it has been doubled and then hang your wreath at the height you prefer. Loop the ribbon around the wreath and then join the ends together before folding them over an additional half inch. Finally, you can secure them to the door with thumbtacks.

Magnetic Hooks

With a metal door, you can also attach magnetic hooks to do the job for you.

Wreaths are a festive and ever-popular way to decorate the front of your home for the season and make it more inviting for guests. With the options above, you can hang up a wreath without worrying about creating any holes in the door to do so.

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