What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

water pumpGround source heat pump is a system in which underground heat energy is harnessed by sending water up and down the ground, using a network of pipes and motors. A heat pump is fixed in the ground which absorbs heat from its surroundings and raises the temperature of water when it is passed through it. This hot water is then brought back to the surface using motors and used for heating generation.

The Process

The procedure adopted in drawing energy from the ground using this method is very basic. The whole setup is designed in a loop in which water is sent down the ground and then pumped back up. In between this sending down and pumping up, water carries heat from the ground source, which is then used for multiple purposes.

  • Initially, water along with anti-freezing agents is pumped down the ground through the network of pipes.
  • The water reaches the ground source heat pump and catches all the heat it has absorbed from the surroundings.
  • This hot water is then pumped up the ground and compressed. The energy released from the water is stored in the domestic heating system which is further used to keeping your house warm.
  • The warm water though releases much of its energy is used for baths, and hot showers.

Ground source heat pumps are environment-friendly as they can help reduce the carbon footprint. The energy drawn from the earth is clean as it includes very little usage of electricity. To further your idea about the ground source heat pump, we have discussed its advantages and disadvantages.


There are many benefits of using a ground source heat pump for the purpose of drawing energy from the ground. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Though you require electricity for the running of pumps, but the amount of electricity used per unit heat is drawn from the ground is much less, thus increasing its
  • The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of this technique is very less compared to other heating processes like fossil burning etc.
  • The system guarantees you saving of a good fortune on a yearly basis, as other heating methods are expensive in the long run.


Just like it has a lot of advantages, the process of drawing heat from the ground using heat pumps has some fallbacks as well:

  • The initial cost of installing a ground source heat pump is very high. Usually, it could pile up to 15,000 USD which is not affordable for all.
  • The process involves digging up the vicinity of your house. Therefore, you must have a huge lawn where this digging is carried out. If you run out of place, you will need to get permission from authorities for digging outside your premises which is a tough ask.
  • It is not a very efficient process as you house might take longer to get centrally heated.

Despite all the drop backs, ground heat pumps make it into the list of best heat generation sources.

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