Control Bed Bugs with Easy Home Cleaning Tips

bedBed bugs can be a menace in your home and it can also put your family’s health in jeopardy. The infestation of bed bugs is difficult to eliminate and careful strategies must be used to counteract or prevent infestations. This article sheds light on the various ways to control bedbugs with easy home cleaning tips. To delve right away into the matter, bed bugs thrive best in cluttered areas and within crevices and cracks in the house. They primarily depend on blood sucked from their host which will always be you, so pay close attention to this.

First off, be sure to eliminate all clutter in your rooms. Organize the items as neatly as possible and throw away all the unwanted items. Clutter provides hiding and breeding places for bed bugs. This doesn’t mean that you should dispose infested furniture, concentrate on organizing the rooms before commencing cleaning and treatment.

Once organized, vacuum your home thoroughly. Vacuum the seats, the bed frames, the mattresses and all the areas you suspected may be infested; in fact, it is imperative that you vacuum every room with the presumption that they are infested. For areas that are hard to reach with the vacuum cleaner, call a professional home cleaning or pest control service for assistance. However areas below the seats are accessible using thin nozzles.

The next step is to clean all the fabrics that may have been infested such as beddings, curtains, sheets, bed skirting, clothes, etc. After cleaning make sure you dry the clothes with high temperatures. Bed bugs are sensitive to high a temperature, that’s why twenty to thirty minutes of exposure to heat can kill most of the bed bugs. Make sure to not to mix the cleaned fabrics with other items that are not yet cleaned.

Insecticide treatment of all areas prone to bed bug infestations should be observed. This should be a thorough process in which all furniture is sprayed, turned upside down, dismantled and properly sprayed. It is important to unhook electrical fittings and spray the cracks with insecticide. Take note that bed bugs can easily crawl into very tiny spaces where they can lay eggs.

Finally remember to do a repeat of the treatment every seven days and apply steam because steaming has the ability to seep deep into crevices and mattress, thus killing bed bug eggs which will almost always perpetuate the infestation. If these steps are followed correctly, fair enough, bed bug infestation will be a thing of the past in your beautiful home.

Bed bugs can do countless nasty things to your home. They can put your children and your whole family’s health and safety in jeopardy. You’ll never know when allergies or skin infection can occur because of bed bugs infestation. So it’s best to grasp effective methods in order to keep your family’s health and wellness safe and sound. You can’t put a price on bed bug extermination in the home. With a little upgrade on your home-cleaning equipment and products, you can start exterminating these pests without having to hire a home cleaning professional to do the job for you.

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