Tips on Preparing Your Heating System for the Winter

heatingThe cold winter months are truly upon us. For many people who don’t live in a region with a warm climate, this means that they have the entrenching aspect of winter to face in the months that lie ahead. It means that snow, ice and bitter cold will be a fact of life for the next three to four months. Thankfully, there is still time to prepare your furnace or heating system for the winter months so there are no surprises later on, during the dead of winter. According to Questar Gas, preparing your heater for winter involves a few simple steps, which are outlined as the following.

Filter Replacement

The first thing that you will want to check is the filter for your heater. This is important because a clogged filter means that your heater will have to work twice as hard to deliver heat to the interior of your home. Check the filter and replace it before the coldest weather hits. Be sure to replace it with a new one each month to preserve the lifetime of your heater.

Check Blower Belt & Motor

If you are not a trained technician, there are some ways that you can examine these items. Turn your heater on and take a look inside where the blower belt is housed. Listen to it run and see if you hear any creaks or odd noises or squealing. Any sound of abnormal noise is indicative that there’s an issue going on here that should be examined by a trained professional.

Blower Doors

Check the seal on the doors of your blower. Are they tightly sealed? Do they wobble? The blower doors are what helps keep the air and natural gas separated (in natural gas powered heater units). Ensure that these doors are properly sealed for the safety of your family and of your home.

Interior Vents

Using a flashlight and a stepladder, inspect the interior vents of your home. These air ducts can become easily clogged and dirty from time to time. They can, as a result of blockages, prevent adequate air flow and cause your heater to work twice as hard to deliver warm air. A variety of duct cleaning services can thoroughly clean out your air vents to remove any obstructions.

External Exhaust

Look for the external exhaust of your air vents and heater; typically found on the rear of the exterior of your home. Check this vent to ensure that there are no blockages and that air is able to vent out of your home effortlessly. Doing so will ensure that your heater is able to work efficiently during the coldest months of the year.

Safety Tips

  • It’s always smart to have a professional company conduct a heater tune-up, which will address every issue on this checklist and more.
  • Don’t try to access certain areas of your heater if you are not a trained professional.
  • Always have an expert check your home for gas leaks before winter to ensure safety.



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