Here are Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades You Require for Your Workspace

home-office-2As you work online or on your desk, it is possible to be immersed so much in your work as to forget your body needs to be treated well, until the pain start hitting you hard from all parts of your body. With the following customizable upgrades for your workspace, you should be able to save your physical wellbeing from strain and pain.

Eye level laptop elevation

It is possible your neck is very painful and causing you a lot of pain every time you keep on staring at your laptop. After some time, the neck will become painful in a very troublesome way.  In case you use your laptop daily, it is better to have it elevated to your eye level through a number of simple solutions such as a laptop stand or an in-built pipe stand you can create or fix on your own. Anything you create or fix will help you from complaining all the time about your back like an old person.

Standing desk

Every time you are in a seat, it is obvious that you will slouch. You can easily help the body by giving it an upright fix while giving the lower body part some much needed break from sitting for too long looking at your desk or PC on your workspace. There are many adjustable desks to choose from and it does not have to be your main desk; just a much needed break from monotonous sitting all day long.

Sleep support

Obviously, the way your joints, neck and back are contracted and utilized for more than eight hours at the office will definitely affect the way you spend eight hours asleep back at home. You might want to give your body the much needed sleep in the right posture to avoid pain in the long run. Sleep with your knees bent on your side and perhaps a pillow held up between your knees and rest the head on one pillow.

Get a great keyboard and mouse

Some people are stuck with keyboards and mouse for a long time just because they came with the company computers. Those who have been using their laptops on workstations without an external keyboard and mouse should know they are hurting themselves. Some of these PC accessories made with functionality and comfort in mind cost very less. You can get some right way and save yourself a lot of time wasted working on an old mouse and keyboard.

Proper PC alignment

Having a proper PC alignment is important, otherwise your back, wrist and hand will hurt you the whole day. To set up a healthy workspace, keep the elbows bent close to about 90 degrees while keeping the mouse close to the keyboard at a comfortable distance to avoid slouching. The PC screen should also be within your eye level and about 18 to 28 inches from the face.

Harnessing your own ergonomic desk

Sometimes you need to create something from scratch with your hand written all over it. You can buy different things you need in a workspace and join together on your own rather than completed workspace, just to have a feel of how it goes. Also, if you work in a company office, avoid going with whatever is put before you in terms of furniture and try to make it comfortable for your back, hands and entire body by harnessing it to meet your own ergonomic needs.

Software aids

There are many apps and tools out there-free and affordable ones-you can use to make your experience behind your desk much better. There are applications that can be reminders in case a deadline you have forgotten is approaching including other interactive tools to help you accomplish just about anything at work.

Duffy Elleby is the owner of Ergosource, a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic equipment and furniture. For over 20 years Ergosource has provided the world with the best in ergonomic office furniture.

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