5 Tips for Choosing the Right Vacuum

Once you have segregated the best brands from the rest, you would rarely have to worry about the quality of a vacuum cleaner, albeit such an assurance comes at a price. Yet, the specific model you choose may not be the best for you. You can consider all major low cost brands including Bissell, Zing and Black & Decker among others or you could go for Dyson, Eureka, Hoover, iRobot, Miele, Neato, Shark and Samsung among others. Factor in your personal needs and compare the alternatives to choose the right vacuum. Here are five tips to help you in your quest.

  1. You can choose a vacuum that has a certain type of filter you want or you can check the filter options and accordingly zero in on specific models. The filter is a quintessential element so you cannot compromise on it. There are disposable filters, washable filters and HEPA filters. Weigh the pros and cons according to your needs, consider your budget as the choice of filter will have a direct impact on the price and have the reasonably long term use in mind as you pick one over the others.
  2. You could go for a vacuum cleaner with or without a bag. Those without bags will require regular emptying of the dust container or cup. Those with bags will need new bags once the piece installed is full. You may not want to spend money again and again on bags, especially if you have a large property or you vacuum too often. The dust container or cup also has its own shortcoming as you need to empty it as and when it is fully loaded and this can be messy on occasions.
  3. Many people are torn between corded and cordless vacuum cleaners. This is particularly true for homeowners and cleaners who do not have access to power points, conveniently placed to clean the whole house, office or premise. Cordless vacuum cleaner may sound like a great idea but it is very rare for such a piece to last longer than a corded one. Most cordless vacuum cleaners go kaput sooner than you would want. The cords used in vacuum cleaners today are much better than those in the nineties or even fifteen years back. The cords rarely tangle and they are much longer today offering convenient access to every corner and spread of a property without worrying about sockets everywhere. Cordless has its advantages too. There is no cord or power cable to get stuck under the furniture and you don’t need to have one tag along with you. Using the vacuum can be at your discretion not accounting for the movement that the cord would permit.
  4. Vacuum cleaners have gotten smaller and lighter over the years. You don’t need a massive piece of machine chug along with a hefty thrust on the floor. Industrial vacuum cleaners too have become much lighter. The best brands still have most of their models weighing around twenty pounds but you will also find vacuum cleaners weighing around seven pounds. Consider the weight ideal for the type of use you have in mind.
  5. Finally, ask how much dust, dirt and debris the bag or cup will hold. This is obviously fundamental but many buyers forget to consider this while focusing on other attributes. You may also avoid a vacuum cleaner that tends to do everything as those are either too costly or if they are cheap then the diverse functions will be less reliable. For instance, if you need a vacuum for hardwood floors (such as those you can find here) you should get one that’s specialized for that purpose.

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  1. December 16, 2018 at 2:55 am

    Bissel actually makes pretty decent vacuums despite the fact that they’re so cheap! Just make sure you get a bagged one and not a bagless, because you’ll need to get all the suction power you can get when you’re using a cheaper vacuum. Plus bagless canisters are gross anyway.

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