Making Those Tough Flooring Decisions

As important as appearances are, there are many other reasons that go into your flooring decisions. You budget will probably be at the top of the list, maybe taking into consideration how easy, or difficult, it will be to install and the longevity and durability of the floor your thinking about.

Just like any project in the home, replacing the floor, or installing it for the first time, requires detailed planning and attention to detail. When choosing a specific type of flooring, we need to remember that it is going to be a permanent part of the room and it should fit into the overall theme of your décor to create the desired effect that you want.

Since a floor is one of the most visible parts of the decor, the appearance should be a primary consideration when choosing coverings. Collecting ideas for inspiration from magazines and books or visiting flooring company showrooms to get a sense of what your options are good ways to drum up ideas before making a final decision.

There are numerous forms of flooring options available, including wood, tile, stone, laminate, resilient vinyl, bamboo, and cork.

With all the options available, solid wood flooring is a favorite among most homeowners with its beauty and warmth, plus finding a matching color to compliment the décor of your home is simplistic.

Mention hardwood floors and watch a homebuyer’s eyes light up. Why do customers prefer wood flooring? What makes this material so desirable? Hardwood floors are unmatched for their beauty, durability, and ease of installation. So it’s no surprise that the demand for hardwood flooring has always been strong. In recent years that demand has increased because of the availability and the many more types of wood that are available, such as Oak, Maple, Pine, plus there are exotic wood species such as Brazilian Cherry and Mahogany for buyers to choose from.

Bamboo is also rapidly growing in popularity as a flooring material. Although technically not a tree, consumers are choosing it because it is eco-friendly, easy to install, and can appear similar in texture to real wood floors. As a consumer who might be concerned about this, we can do our part to ensure that our wood floor is helping to conserve precious resources by looking for the Forest Stewardship Council label on the flooring. Another way to help preserve forests is to choose recycled flooring. Floors made from recycled boards are commonly taken from buildings that were previously demolished.

Installing hardwood flooring is a big investment of time, energy and most of all money. There are dozens if not hundreds of types of hardwood floor options available. With planning and patience, we can find a floor that satisfies both our vision and the budget that we want to stick to.

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