The Many Advantages of Using Airless Paint Sprayers

An airless paint sprayer can be essential for any large paint job you have to complete.  They are more effective than something like a roller or brush.  Sometimes people can be nervous about using sprayers because of the risks involved.  However, as long as you take the necessary precautions, it is a great way to ensure your DIY work is completed in a reasonable time.  If you are still unsure about paint sprayers and using them, take a look at the various advantages of using paint sprayers.

Efficiency and Speed

If you have only ever used rollers and brushes for painting work, you will undoubtedly be very surprised by an airless paint sprayer’s adaptability.  although a brush is a great tool for filling in detail work, when you have a lot of surface area to cover, using a brush can be time-consuming, tiring and boring.  Rollers are obviously quicker but tend to leave nasty streak marks.  Paint sprayers, on the other hand, enable you to do the work quicker and more efficiently than either of the traditional methods.

Even and Uniform Coverage

A paint sprayer will give you a balanced and uniform coverage of paint, even on troublesome surfaces such as popcorn-effect ceilings, textured walls and other uneven design effects.  As the paint sprayer will apply an even layer every time, unlike brushes and rollers, it avoids the need to go over areas, again and again, to even them up.

No Compressed Air

There are two varieties of paint sprayer on the market, the airless and air models.  Another great benefit of using an airless paint sprayer like the Titan 440, is that because there is no compressed air used, you can avoid the over-spraying that often occurs using an air paint sprayer.  With an airless sprayer, the paint is pushed out via a hose in a similar fashion to a pressure washer that you may have used on your car, driveway or even your bins.  This means that you have a greater degree of control over the paint flow from the sprayer.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

There are many paint spraying machines on the market that are not very practically designed, particularly for non-commercial or industrial work.  This is often why you may just settle for using a roller or brush.  However, airless paint sprayers tend to come on a cart, which gives you the freedom to transport them easily from one room to another.  They only use engines of around 1 horsepower, so they are not particularly heavy.

If you have always shied away from using one of these tools.  Perhaps you have been nervous about paint spraying all over the place and it causing more problems than solving them.  If you have had any misconceptions or reservations about using paint sprayers, particularly the airless variety, for those large painting and DIY projects, then we hope that the helpful guide above to the various benefits of these practical pieces of equipment has encouraged you to give them a try.

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