5 Things and Areas That People Often Miss When Cleaning

Make sure not to miss something important during the big home cleaning this season! Next are five things and areas that people often miss, so try to put them on your agenda as well.

One: Behind or under wardrobes, closets, cabinets, kitchen shelves and other big furnishings. The hidden places are often underestimated, because people think that the hidden places are protected from getting dust, dirt and blemishes or at least these hidden areas become dirty slowly and not that easily than the other areas. However, right behind the big wooden furniture objects, you can often spot a lot of dust, sand, grit or even spider webs and other insects in some cases. That’s why it is essential to wipe off dust from the bottom and from behind the big furnishings at home, whether it comes to the big wardrobe or to the laundry machine. Use an electrostatic charged duster with a flexible head, which will help you to reach even the most hidden places and corners. Vacuuming is another great tip to get rid of the bigger loose particles, while if you go through such a cleaning only once a year – a great idea is to apply a sanitizing and deodorizing agent right after cleaning with the vacuum machine.

cleaning1Two: The racks and the other equipment of the ovens and the stove. Remove all the racks and shelves and soak them in the kitchen sink for a few hours in a homemade detergent of hot water, dish-washing detergent and baking soda. This solution will make the removal of harden greasy spots easier and quicker. Make also sure to clean all the inner sides of the oven, and don’t miss the components of the lighting and ventilation systems.

Three: Grout lines between the tiles. The tiles are usually easy to clean during the domestic cleaning, but people often miss to pay more attention to the grout lines. A treatment with just a grooming brush can provide a miraculous result even without hard rubbing. The key is to use a special homemade detergent of water, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and soap. Another great hint is to use a rental scrubbier machine for tiles or to call the professional cleaners for heavily soiled tile floors and grout lines. After cleaning the grout lines – another great idea is to apply a protective sealing agent to ensure a longer lasting clean effect of the grout lines.

cleaning2Four: Leather upholsteries. The leather is truly sensitive to a direct sunlight, humidity and air temperature, so – you definitely have to take care about the leather upholstery at home, if you want to ensure its clean outlook. The leather is vulnerable to cracks and it dries over time. Simply polishing with a wax for leather is enough, especially after cleaning with a soft clean cloth, hot water, shampoo and dish-washing detergent. Or else, use a compound with a special pigmentation that restores shine and texture of leather upholstery.

Five: Under the armrests and the joints of chairs or sofas. All the upholstered joints like between the seat and the back, between the cushions and the back, between the movable parts, etc. are the easiest areas to collect dust and dirt. Cleaning once a month thoroughly these delicate parts of the upholstered furniture at home is important, especially if you have pets. Use a vacuuming machine with a brushed nozzle, which will remove all pet hair and dust even from the deepest areas of the joints.

Then, clean up the visually hidden area like under the armrests, which usually get easy dirty too.

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