3 Signs it’s Time to Resurface Your Driveway

Your driveway isn’t going to last forever. Each and every time you drive your big, bulky vehicle onto it, you are doing a little bit of damage. Eventually, this means that you will need to resurface your driveway. But, how do you know when it is the right time to resurface your driveway? Well, thankfully, a lot of the signs are quite obvious.

1. Discoloration of the driveway

This is one of the first signs that you may need to look into construction equipment rental for the gear you need to resurface your driveway. If the color has changed, this means that the driveway has become damaged by use and UV rays beating down onto it. It is starting to wear out. It may not be that much of an issue if the discoloration is quite mild, but it will become worse. This means that you will start to spot cracking of your driveway. Eventually, you will need to rectify the problem.

When you resurface your driveway, you will be adding a touch of color to it again. It will also help to ensure that any cracks are repaired. Basically, it is going to add a good couple of years onto the life of your driveway. It will also help to protect your vehicle when you drive onto it.

2. Damage to the driveway

If you don’t catch that your driveway needs resurfacing when you notice discoloration, you will almost certainly notice when more physical damage starts to happen. For example; older driveways will have cracks and holes start to appear. This is a sign that you have a serious issue with your driveway and you need to deal with it before it is too late.

If the cracks and holes on the driveway are small, then you may be able to do a bit of patching. However, if the problem is everywhere, then it will probably be better to resurface the whole thing.

3. Water pooling

If you are starting to notice water pool on your driveway, then you probably need to resurface it. This is actually a major issue because it indicates that your driveway is sinking. If water is pooling, then it is going to speed up damage to your driveway. If it gets to this point, then you need to consider repair almost immediately, particularly if ‘rainy’ season is coming in thick and fast.

Remember; a typical driveway should last between 12 and 20 years (depending on how it is used), but there is a good chance it may need to be resurfaced sooner. Any of the signs detailed on this page are a key highlighter that you need to be doing it sooner as opposed to later.

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