4 Common Indoor Plants That Can Repel Pests

For many of us, our homes are our pride and joy. We spend hours of our time creating a beautiful and inviting space, lovingly arranging flowers and scenting the air. The sight of pests in the house can really make your heart sink. With the expert help of Diamond Pest Control in London, we are going to look at the plants you can use indoors to repel pests. The best thing about these is that they add wonderful smells and interest to your living environment  as well!


Geraniums have sweet and delicate flowers. But don’t let those looks deceive you. Geraniums are a robust flower that repels a lot of different pests such as mosquitoes, beetles and leafhoppers. A wonderful asset of geraniums is the oil that comes from them too. If you re particularly prone to getting bitten by mosquitoes, a few drops of this oil can keep them away.


A wonderful addition to plants and herbs that repel flying pests that you can grow in the house is basil. This plant also comes in particularly useful if you enjoy cooking Italian food. It’s not the prettiest looking, but the smell that this herb gives off is a superb repellent for mosquitoes and flies. Keep a pot by your kitchen window to drive away these pests. This is particularly useful in the summer months, when insect pests are at their most bothersome.

Carnivorous Plants

To a pest, a carnivorous plant is lethal. We’ve all heard of the savage venus flytrap. These plants lure insects in with their pretty looks. Carnivorous plants are effective at catching and then eating common garden pests like flies, moths and mosquitoes. Many of these plants come from warmer climates, so you have to keep them in the sun. They’re very well suited to being kept in the house. Placing them on your windowsills can go a long why in keeping flies under control in the summer.


Lavender pillows and essential oils smell divine. But to a pest, they’re actually pretty gross. One of the only insects that actually likes the smell of lavender is the bee, which is a great benefit of having this plant in your garden. However, dried lavender indoors will also be a good pest deterrent. Fleas, flies and moths can’t stand lavender. Once lavender is cut and dried, it stays fresh all year long, keeping you protected from pests for decent periods of time.

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