2 Magnificent DIY Items That Personalize Your Home Decor

personalization1Whether you planning a big family holiday and you want to make a special present or just to decorate your home with some unique personalized touches – these 3 magnificent DIY items should be high on your agenda.

1) Big paintings for the living room. This is an especially great idea if your house decoration includes mostly wooden objects and materials. To make you own painting is a true challenge, while the DIY painting frame is just the final touch, yet it is the most important one. The tools that you will need are only small nails and a hammer, as well as handsaw, a square, tape measure and a pen for wood. Start measuring the length and the height of the painting itself and calculate how much wood is needed. Hand saw the needed dimensions of the wood so to create a frame by gluing the four sides and then by nailing them. Such a wooden frame is especially remarkable for big or extremely wide paintings for which one usually can’t find the perfect frame in a store. After making a simple square or rectangular frame – you can add another layer from all the sides in the form of a slightly bigger square or rectangular shape. The wider the frame – the greater the impression on the frame, than on the painting itself. A little bit of expert cleaning all the edges of the frame with 600 sandpaper will give you a flat smooth surface, just perfect to pop-up the unique natural texture and color of the wood. Put the frame right onto the painting and nail all the sides within a distance of a couple centimeters. Put the big painting on your favorite place in the living room and take some photos to share your latest DIY item with your friends.

personalization22) Wooden vases. First, you may need a machine for turning wood in order to achieve a flawless, smooth and professional looking wooden vase. If you want a little bit more extraordinary vase – a great idea is to make it from two, three or more different types of wood. Just begin gluing all the big pieces of the different wood at least a couple of days in advance, then, clamp them tight and wipe off the excess of the glue. The more diverse the colors, types and textures of the wood chunks – the more effective the result. When working with wood, it is always important to prepare some tools for cleaning like a grooming brush or a vacuum cleaning machine for the finest dust particles. After a few days when everything is solid dry, start turning the vase from the outer side by shaping it to your own lovely form and size. Then, drill a pilot hole in the middle and carve the void space inside the vase. The different nuances of the different woods will definitely make the vase one of its kind. However, you can enhance its beautiful outlook by hand gradually sanding with 200, 400, 800 and 1000 grit sandpaper. This is the best way for cleaning all the residues from the glue, as well as achieve perfect smooth surfaces. Seal the wood with a special wax for wood, which will also pop-up the real natural texture of the wood. There will be plenty of wood chips all around the shop and there is no need to worry – a little bit of domestic cleaning requires quite less time than you will spend while enjoying the sight of the new personalized item at home.

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