11 Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

kids roomRemember how it was when you were a kid? Your bedroom was your sanctuary. It was your place to escape from the adult world. There was no space anywhere that was more important than your bedroom. Things are no different today with your kids. They want their space and they want it to be special. Here are a few simple ideas to make their rooms that little bit different.

1. Personal Touch

Kids like to be involved in things that affect them. They like to know that adults are listening to them. So ask their opinions about what they’d like in their room. After all it is their room. Okay, you can’t give in to everything, but a sensible discussion taking into account things like budgetary constraints will be a useful learning experience for them.

2. Choose a Theme

This is bound to hit the spot, especially with younger kids. Choose something like a Disney theme or a superheroes theme and your kids will love it. Of course, it’s a good idea to make sure they like the theme first.

3. Study Space

As your kids get older they’ll want their own space where they can study. For younger kids it needs to be nothing more elaborate than a desk and a small bookcase.

4. Hide and Seek

Kids like the idea that they can hide themselves away from the world. Therefore, the idea of creating their own little den will thrill them and make them proud to show it off to their friends. Hanging a curtain around a bed can transform it into a private little hideaway.

5. Make it Colourful

Use your kids’ favourite colours to brighten up any room. It’s not just the walls that you might want to paint. You and they will be amazed how painting furniture (bedframes and cabinets for example) can completely change the look of a room.

6. Storage

There’s never enough storage. Look for creative ways of creating more space. Under the bed offers a variety of opportunities. Beds with drawers are useful, and if your child is old enough for sleepovers consider a slide out truckle bed.

7. Blinds

Kids will often prefer blinds to curtains. They are very functional and can be personalised by having material with their own pattern or pictures printed onto it.

8. Pictures

The great thing about pictures is that they offer so much choice. You can change the pictures, change their positions and change their frames.

9. Wall Panels

Wall panels offer a fairly durable alternative to painted walls. Kids can stick their posters on it with Blu-Tack without marking the panels.

10. Lighting

There are just so many different things you can do with lighting. How about LED fairy lights wrapped around a bedframe?

11. Wall Art

You can call it a mural your kids will call it graffiti and if your kids are a little bit creative you can get them involve in putting a design on the walls.

The opportunities for decorating your kids’ rooms are endless. The ideas above are just a few simple ones. You and your kids will be able to think of many more.

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