What Should I Store In My Garage?

What Should I Store In My GarageThe garage is a multi-functional space that is great for storage. Not all things are suitable for the garage. With proper storage, you could gain lots of space to store your belongings.

Seasonal items

Christmas, thanksgiving, valentines, and other holiday decorations can be safely stored in the garage because of infrequently you use them. To make sure that you can find what you need, it’s best to put them in container separate from the rest of the items stored in the garage. Additionally, to protect them from moisture, large plastic containers are ideal. Clear ones allow you to see what’s inside. If you have the time, a label on the outside will quickly tell you where to find specific items.

Outdoor supplies and equipment

The garage is great for storing these items because they’re too dirty to bring into the house:

  • gardening supplies
  • snow removal equipment
  • bikes
  • lawn and patio furniture

Storing items safely

Flammable items should not be stored in the garage. In warmer climates, the garage can reach high temperatures not experienced in the rest of the house. Items under pressure are best stored in closets. Things like canned shaving cream, canned air, and other aerosols need to be stored in cool, sunless spots. In addition, anything that can melt is best stored inside as well, such as candles and deodorant.


Although many non-perishable items come in their own containers, it may not be advisable to put them in the garage. Shopping in bulk can save you money. It’s also a pain to store indoors, particularly for ingredients that take a while to consume. Still, dry items can absorb moisture from the air, leaving an unpleasant taste to foods like oatmeal. Furthermore, it may not be a good idea to store food in the same space where the car goes. If you have a pantry, try consolidating containers to make room for large items.

What not to store in the garage

Because of the lack of protection and exposure to elements, belongings that absorb moisture don’t belong in the garage (files, books, bedding, and clothes). Valuables, such as cash and jewellry also don’t belong in the garage. Sentimental items shouldn’t be stored in the garage either. Papers containing personal information should be locked away in a filing cabinet, safely in the home.

These are some of the garage storage solutions by which you can increase the storage space of your garage.

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