What Does Your Lawn Say About You?

Nice-LawnYou can learn a lot about someone by the condition of their lawn. If you come across a well-kept, green lawn, you’re probably going to assume the person who lives there is responsible and organized. Whereas, if you came across a lawn that was brown and patchy, you might assume that this person is messy and unorganized.

Your lawn is the first thing people notice about your house. Your lawn sends a message to the people in your neighborhood, this message can either be good or bad. Have you ever wondered what your lawn says about you and your family?

Here is a list of different categories your lawn could fall under:

1. The perfectionist. This is the lawn that is always perfectly trimmed and just the right shade of green. There are probably perfectly trimmed hedges and maybe a few stepping stones leading to the porch of the house. To some people, this yard may scream “control freak” but to others it may show that you are organized and in control of your life.

2. The free spirit. This is the lawn that is kept at its “organic, natural state”. However, some of your neighbors may see this as an overgrown lawn that should be mowed. Letting your plants grow freely can add beauty to your garden but only if they’re kept under control. Make sure you keep your grass trimmed and your branches from falling into neighboring lawns.

3. The decorator. This is the yard with all sorts of different ornaments and wind chimes. You may consider all this decor fun and different, but your neighbors might think it’s a little outlandish. A few garden accents are fine, but try not to clutter your front lawn with gnomes and flamingos.

Now you have a better idea of what kind of lawn you have and what it’s saying about you. If you are looking to create a lawn that better describes you, here are some tips to keep your lawn looking its best.

Setting Soil

The key to a great lawn is a great foundation. You need to make sure you get rid of all weeds and test the pH of your soil. Make sure you use quality soil and use a roller to pack it down.

To Seed Or To Sod?

Laying down sod is not doubt the easiest way to get a beautiful lawn, but it may be a difficult task to complete if you have a large area to cover. The alternative to sod is seeding by hand or by hydroseeding. Hydroseeding solves one of the biggest issues with hand seeding, it evenly disperses seeds.

Mowing Your Lawn

Most gardeners agree that it’s best to only cut the top third of your grass when you mow your lawn. Taller grass promotes better root development and cutting a lawn too short can stress out the grass. Another advantage to having taller grass is that it blocks the sun that weeds need to germinate.

Watering Your Lawn

The most effective way to grow a healthier lawn is to deeply water it once a week. Watering your lawn heavily once a week helps roots extend deeper into the soil and helps keep bugs away.

These lawn tips will help you create and maintain a lawn that not only you will appreciate but your neighbors will as well.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for The Grass Outlet, a sod company in Austin, Texas. Trisha wants to know how to better maintain her lawn.

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