Two Big Reasons To Consider Kitchen Renovations

kitchenMany people opt for kitchen renovations just so that it will look good. However, they fail to see any practical reasons to get their kitchen renovated which is why the design they often settle for does little in the way of making their work in the kitchen easier. That said there are many people who opt not to get their kitchen remodeled because they think that the kitchen is fine as it is and so no point spending more money on it, when in fact it may be hindering their every move. Below we look at two of the biggest reasons why you should opt to get your kitchen renovated.

Reason #1: To have more space by installing a kitchen island

Many kitchens in Australia especially those built a couple of decades ago lack adequate storage space. The fact is that kitchens back then didn’t have as much technology in them as we have today. So, space back then was not a big issue. However, today things have changed and adding a kitchen island is a tantalizing prospect since it adds more storage, there is more serving space and prep space. That said if you end up choosing the wrong type of island or if it’s in the wrong spot then it can spell disaster. The thing you always need to remember is that a kitchen is your work area and so anything regardless of how fancy it may look if it comes in your way it is reducing your efficiency. So, an island which only obstructs how traffic flows to and from the kitchen sink, stove, refrigerator is going to be a hassle because it creates bottlenecks. If you have a small kitchen you may opt to add a stove or a sink in that island so that it is a functional part of the area. The other solution would be to position the island so that there is a lot of moving space around it.

If you decide to install a kitchen island as part of your renovation project make sure that there is around 48 inches of open area around the island. In order for an island to be practical your kitchen at the very least should be 13 feet wide and the island needs to be five feet. The overall layout is also important when you consider the island. In most cases L Shaped and Single wall kitchens are great with islands.

When planning an island for a regular U shape type kitchen there should be 10 feet of good clearance space between the legs of the U. If the Island is to be used as a breakfast bar every seated person needs to have around 24 inches from one side to the next and the depth should be 12 inches minimum, because any less than that people will have no room to sit comfortably.

Reason #2: To have more light

If you really want to use the kitchen to cook which is pretty obvious for most people then it needs to have adequate lighting. The lighting does not have to be a waste of power but it needs to be enough so that you’re not straining your eyes when looking into a pot, or having to turn on the lights during the day. Good kitchen renovations can help you bring more natural light into your kitchen which helps you save 25% more energy; this also means a significant reduction of your energy bill.

Most kitchens can achieve excellent lighting by combining fluorescent ceiling lights with hanging lights and natural light during the day. If your kitchen does not already have doors and windows from where natural light enters then those will have to be made during the renovation. Tell your contractor or kitchen designer that your goal is to light up the kitchen especially areas around your stove and sink so that your task is easier. You also need to consider the fact that the more lighting you have the easier it becomes for you to show off your newly renovated kitchen. Miton Kitchens suggests that people should start with drawing a light diagram of their kitchen in order to highlight the areas that need the most lighting and also identify possible sources of natural light to save on energy.

Jonathan is an interior designer and renovator with over two decades of experience. He has primarily worked as an interior designer in Australia but has learnt lot of his skills in Europe. Today, he is one of the leading experts on kitchen renovations in the country and advises on everything related to design and renovation. 

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