Tips to Recover Your Home from Mold

moldy wallMold is a type of microscopic fungi. There are various kinds of molds which are present throughout in and around the environment. These small mold particles, known as spores, are present everywhere including the very air around us. These spores can germinate and grow rapidly in a moist environment. In the case that you’re trying to recover your home after a flood, then you have to remember that your home is subject to the effect of these mold particles because of the moisture inevitably present in your home.

Mold & Health Issues

Mold can grow quickly in a moist environment. These mold particles mostly affect people who are suffering from breathing problems and people who are allergic to dust, as well as those who are suffering from asthma. If the amount of mold present is high, it could even affect people who are in good health! Exposure to these mold particles causes problems like wheezing, breathing problems and may sometimes lead to fever. Some of the most problematic complaints include:

  • Sinus Congestions
  • Nasal Problems
  • Painful Throat
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin problems

The problems caused by mold can be different in different kinds of people. However, if a person is under the exposure of mold for longer periods, it would certainly affect the person to a higher level.

How to Find the Mold Problem?

Some salesperson may try to convince you that performing testing is alone sufficient for finding the mold problem. Researchers suggest that only investigation could help you and mere testing cannot help you in mold removal. You don’t require any specialized tool for investigating the presence of mold in your home. Your eyes and nose are sufficient for detecting the presence of mold. If you see something that looks like a mold or if could find a musty smell in your home then you can be sure that mold is present in your home. In order to confirm that mold is present inside your home, you can check for the visible growth of the mold particles. As mold can grow enormously in moist condition, if mold is present in your home then you can find a drastic growth of mold in few days itself. You can perform a deep investigation for finding the mold particles in places where you can find heavy earthy smell.  Then you can search for the places where there is noticeable moisture content or where there is some water leakage. You can also search under the furniture, below the carpet and also in the places where you usually store things.

Instead of listening to the speech of sales persons, you can try to clean up your home by yourself by following the above mentioned methods. You can try to discard the mold particles, clean up the area which is present with high moisture content, dry up the areas where the water is stagnated. Have a clean and healthy home!

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