Three Yearly Maintenance Jobs To Make Your Heating Run Like Clockwork

Home HeatingNobody likes an expensive heating repair bill, and it always seems to come right at the wrong time too! No matter how annoying it is, or how little money you have, you simply can’t survive the winter months without reliable heating, so you have no choice but to pay it. The good news is that with a little TLC your heating may not need a lot of attention. All you need to do is carry out a few yearly maintenance tasks, and you will find that your heating is far more likely to carry on working efficiently, therefore not producing any unwelcome heating repair bills. Here are five top tips for keeping your heating in good working order:

Get Your Heating Serviced Yearly

A local contractor will happily come out and service your heating system for you. While this may be expensive, it sure is cheaper than having to pay expensive repair bills when your system is neglected and then fails. If you heating is regularly serviced then it is much more likely to run more efficiently, thereby saving you lots of money on your heating bills. Your heating is much more likely to not let you down with no notice too – and it’s just typical that heating always goes down when you need it the most. Whether you use a boiler or a furnace, the lifespan is likely to be significantly more if you get it regularly serviced too – and nobody wants the cost of a new heating unit on their plate.

Install a Clock Thermostat

Perhaps while the engineer is visiting, you could ask him to install a clock thermostat? This will mean that you can have the heating on only when you absolutely need it, and when you go away you can make sure that it comes on for an hour a day to prevent pipes from freezing over, and therefore bursting. You can even arrange it so that the settings are different at the weekends when you are not in the same weekday routine. It’s a great way of making sure your heating is working for you and fitting in with your lifestyle.

Check Your Insulation

If the insulation in your roof space is a little thin on the ground then you will need to have your heating on far more regularly. It really is worth adding a few extra layers of insulation as it will make a huge difference to your heating bill. Your house will be able to hold on to the heat that the system generates for a much longer time, meaning your entire household will be operating far more efficiently. Even if you think you have enough insulation, it still needs to be replaced from time to time, so have someone over to appraise what you have and advise you on whether your insulation could be better.

It’s important that you do whatever you can both to protect and look after your heating, and also to conserve money where you can on your heating bills. Keeping on top of things is sure to stave off unwanted bills – it just means tackling the situation head on.

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