The Story of Lit


A photo of a thin Swiss cheese slice. This is how it all began.

In this photo a light went through the cheese and enhanced its characteristic color. This led to the design of the first lamp in the series named SWEEZ. I guess you can all guess where this name comes from. The lamp is designed in such a way that the light travel within and is being defused in selected locations. Using specific materials and techniques, led to the results you see here.


From this point, I’ve decided to continue with the idea and take it further on. Next lamp was the WELON, which is a lamp that surprisingly resembles a water melon. This lamp that will soon hit the market is one step further in the usage of the materials designed to achieve the minimalistic essence of the original thing it represents.


Next came the KADO which is a smaller lamp, yet it was the first lamp that left the 2D realm of the previous lamps and presents a three dimensional shape. KADO is a personified avocado. Its thickness provides with its eyes the illusion that they actually follow the person watching the lamp.


Next lamp is the PEPI. An upright slice of pizza with peperoni and champignon mushrooms. This lamp is yet another step towards taking the material to uncharted territories and achieving even more interesting behaviors of the light.

Both PEPI and SWEEZ are golden yellow. This warm color contradicts cool white popular in offices. It’s known for promoting creativity, self-esteem, confidence and friendliness. KADO on the other hand emits green color which induces relaxing atmosphere.

The name lit comes from the Icelandic language. It actually means “color”. Therefore it is just perfect for those lamps which are all about light, color and the way they interact with each other.

SWEEZ, KADO, WELON, PEPI are just the beginning of the lamps series. More lamps are on their way. Each one will have something new and unique.

Lit lamps are hand made in Berlin at the Fab Lab. You can check them out at one of the links below:


Etsy shop:

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