The Importance of Adequate Lighting for Kitchen Islands

kitchen lightingThe most useful tool in your kitchen isn’t a good set of knives. It’s not the wide variety of spices or additives hanging out in your cabinets. It’s space! Large surfaces for cutting, chopping and cooking are invaluable to the culinary connoisseur. A lot of thought goes into the design of the perfect kitchen island: size, placement, features and more. However, one thing seems to be missing when plans for a kitchen island are laid out: lighting!

It’s easy to forget this element, but proper lighting is essential to get the most out of your new island. Lighting, along with a versatile, beautiful design, can be just what your kitchen needs to make it a cooking paradise. Several lighting options for islands are available in styles that suit even the pickiest of preferences. If you haven’t yet built your island, visit for many articles related to creating a great design.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, otherwise known as pot lights, is a great way to add some illumination to your kitchen island space without intruding on light fixtures already installed. Pot lights fit snugly into the ceiling in the shape of an upside down pot; they sit at level with the ceiling, keeping out of the way while still casting a spotlight on your kitchen island surface. This type of light is particularly handy for those who have feature lighting, such as a chandelier or hanging sculpture, because they don’t contrast or distract from what’s already there.

Track Style Lights

For longer kitchen islands or spaces that need broader lighting, track lighting is always a good option. Track lighting typically consists of a metal bar running along the ceiling with a series of smaller lights attached to it. Each separate light can be adjusted to point in a different direction, or they can all point towards the same spot.

Although a straight line used to be all you could get for track lighting frames, design has come a long way to provide more options in a variety of shapes and sizes. Designs range from classic metal frames to contemporary and stylish variations. Since track lighting is more noticeable, you’ll need to carefully work it into your design plans in a way that doesn’t make it look obtrusive.

Lights that Dangle

Hanging lights can be simple bulbs dangled on supportive cords, or they can be sculptures that provide a unique and creative flair to your kitchen design. Hanging lights typically have larger bulbs if only one bulb is present, and they provide significantly more light than a lot of other designs. Hanging lights are a great opportunity to really show off your personality with distinctive design and shade types. All Modern carries a large online selection of creative and unique hanging lights.

One thing you need to consider when adding a kitchen island, especially with hanging lights, is a hanging pots and pans rack. Hanging lights need to have the bulb hanging down past the rack, which means you’ll have to use a longer cord. What works best for you depends on the design of the rack, but many people choose to use track lighting that runs next to the rack to prevent the pots and pans from blocking the light.

No matter the style or size, proper lighting makes installing your kitchen island even more enjoyable. Make sure to incorporate this invaluable element into your design to fully experience the joy kitchen islands can bring.

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