The Advantages of Having Solar Panels Installed in Your Home

solar panelsIn our modern era, going green is a catchphrase used for everything from recycling, to consuming only organic food, to bicycling to work instead of driving a car. However, the original “green machine,” the sun, provides the most advantageous way to make the biggest difference in your finances and the largest impact to save the world’s dwindling resources. The advantages of having solar panels installed in your home are multiple and long-lasting. Find out now how you can reap the benefits of solar energy while reducing your global carbon footprint.

State and Federal Solar Panel Rebates

Many states in the U.S. currently give rebates and tax incentives for homeowners and residential property owners that have solar panels installed in their homes. For example, the state of Louisiana gives up to $12,500 in state tax credits to residents who have solar panels installed in their homes. Add that to the 30 percent federal tax credit on solar panel installation and you will find, as thousands of others have, that you can immediately save up to 80 percent for converting your home from standard energy to solar energy. Sunvolt Technologies, which is based in Baton Rouge, LA, has been helping local customers install solar panels and get their tax credits back since 2004.

Solar Panels = Reduced Energy Bills

Most people who install solar panels into their homes report an immediate, significant decrease in their utility bills. In contrast, people who do not regularly use a lot of electricity usually see a gradual but continuously escalating reduction in their utility bills over time. Your local solar panel installation company will be able to give you a detailed, more accurate report of what you can expect to save during your initial solar panel installation consultation.

Solar Panels Help Lighten Your Carbon Footprint

Electricity is the number one contributor to global warming in the United States. In fact, power plants account for almost half of America’s greenhouse emissions. Solar panels installed in your home allow you to use renewable, clean energy to power your household’s electrical appliances. This erases much of your dependence on the power company, and allows you to offset tens of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide over the 30 to 40-year life of your solar panels.

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