The 3 Main Advantages of Self Storage

The lack of space is a constant in big cities. We live in smaller and smaller homes, where the living room merges with the kitchen, the bedroom is minuscule, and there is less and less room to hold the stuff that we do not use that often but still want to keep, either because of sentimental value or because we think they will be useful someday.

But there’s a solution!

Self storage Dublin is a practical, economical and safe alternative for those who need to free up space at home or in the work environment, since the entire process is simple, and the only expenses are space rent and insurance. The user does not need to worry about maintenance, cleaning, surveillance, taxes, energy & water fees.

The main advantages of self-storage are:


Those goods that you use sporadically and take up a lot of space at home can be safely stored in a storage unit. It is much more practical and convenient for your routine, without having to say goodbye to something that has brought you so many good memories but that you have nowhere to put it.

Thus, you will live in a more organized and comfortable environment. In addition, you can store your furniture and other items during house change, renovation or travel.


Another great advantage of self-storage is the flexibility with which you can choose the space you want for the storing of your items, regardless of their size. You rent the space for as long as you like, and you can extend it, and you can remove the items when it suits you best. Thus, it can be used to store smaller objects to larger ones, such as machines, for example. In most facilities, it is also possible to access the storage space 24 hours a day if the owner so wishes.


With Self Storage, your items will be well protected against possible damage situations that for example a remodelling can cause. In addition, the team of self-storage professionals ensures the safety of the site, so you do not have to worry about it.

The space where your belongings are stored, is protected by electronic key or password and can only be accessed by you. In addition, most self-storage facilities have full-time CCTV video surveillance monitoring for better peace of mind.

Self-storage brings greater ease to those moments we need most, which are not just about reform cases – on the contrary. They involve diverse situations, such as changes and the guarding of goods bought in excess by a company, for example.

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