A Quick Look at Some of the Advantages of a Loft Conversion

loftWith so many living space expansions available in this modern age to maximize current living space conditions in homes, we thought it would prove to be most helpful to highlight to anyone considering a loft conversion in Bristol an understanding of the massive cost benefits as well as the logistical benefits of having a loft conversion by a Bristol loft conversion company in the market place today! We put together this list to highlight the main reasons loft extensions are the most sought after home improvement in the United Kingdom.

If you’ve been considering a loft conversion but you’re still on the fence, check out this list of advantages in relation to Bristol loft conversions:

  1. Using a professional Bristol loft conversion company could potentially increase the value of a house by 20%-30% depending on the type of loft conversion chosen.
  2. No planning permission would be required for Bristol loft conversions, which in turn speeds up the length and completion of the loft conversion process. This is important as loft conversions can be completed within a relatively short period of time.
  3. Bristol loft conversions companies would not be dependent on the weather when carry out the loft conversion project as it would all be completed internally within the home.
  4. With having a Bristol loft conversion there would be no likelihood of blocking any light or overshadowing in any properties around.
  5. It is further possible to actually maximize current accommodations if space is limited within a plot of land around a house, where there is limited garden or outdoor space.
  6. If the outdoor ground is not conducive to being built on due to the soil, then a loft conversion is usually the best option in maximizing current living space to accommodate a whole new room which can have a variety of different end uses.
  7. Rather than considering to move to a larger more expensive property, loft conversions are opted for due to the fact they are the most cost effective way to maximize current living space along with avoiding costly legal fees and the stresses involved in moving from a home that is otherwise perfect.
  8. It is the best utilization of potential living space which is usually only used for storage, the space available is usually particularly large as it is the full width of the house.

The potential end uses are limitless:

  • Extra bedroom with ensuite and even a lounge area – with minimal plumbing work required this extra type of space is possible
  • A home office – in this case the electrical connections would be the main consideration
  • A design studio/ craft room – with the right type of natural light, this type of loft conversion end use would be ideal for the creative types
  • A study – with simple natural light and electrical connections a loft conversion can be that perfect hide away within a home to allow for that much needed quiet time.
  • An audio/ cinema room – with being at the top of the house it would be possible to recreate that perfect acoustics required to be able to enjoy a home cinema room for relaxation purposes.

Whatever the end use choices for that much needed additional living space within a home, the possibilities are endless and relatively in expensive and would be the best option for any home.

As an extra potential revenue stream many people are considering loft conversions in Bristol to rent out that space to earn extra income and create a fully enclosed living space with minimal adjustments to incorporate kitchen units, bathroom units as well as bedroom and lounge spaces. It is a cost efficient way to get the most out of a property.

This list of the benefits of choosing a loft conversion as the desired home improvement simply indicates why so many home owners are considering this as their primary choice when deciding to opt for that essential necessary additional living space within homes.

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