How to Pack a Box When Moving

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Is your move coming up and the packing still hasn’t been completed yet? Is it because you are not too sure where to start? Or is it because you are not too sure how to pack the boxes? Well if the last reason is correct you are in luck!

First of all you need to make sure you are packing your items into proper moving boxes. This saves time in the packing process and when loading the truck on your moving day. It is also much safer as boxes you have picked up from the local store have not been made to hold the same items you are packing into them and commonly break during transit.

The best way to pack is to pack all of the items into boxes with labels for the corresponding rooms at your home. When you are labelling boxes place coloured dots on the top and side of the box to correspond with the same colour label at your new address. These labels can be bought from a local removalist, such as Your Local Movers, a news agency or stationary store.  By labelling each box with the appropriate room or area you save yourself time and effort at the delivery address by allowing the movers to put all of your belongings into the correct rooms without having to ask you where you would like them placed. It is also important to clearly mark fragile items on the top and sides of boxes to make them easy to identify. This will ensure the removalists give those boxes the special attention they need.

Pack all of your boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom lighter items on top. By doing this you make the weight of boxes relatively similar weight. You should pack everything into boxes snugly to prevent any movement. Always pack boxes right to the top of the box to enable them to stack correctly on your moving day.

Always use plenty of paper. Start by cross taping the bottom of each box. Then add plenty of crushed up packing paper (at least 10cm deep). Then wrap all fragile items individually to prevent movement and damage. Do not try to cut costs by replacing packing paper with newspapers as newspapers will smudge their text and images onto your goods they are packed in with. We also highly recommend using paper over bubble wrap as paper gives your valuables the extra support and protection they need.

You need to start packing early to ensure you are fully prepared for your move at least 24 hours before. We recommend start packing things you do not use often at least four weeks prior to your move. The more organised you are when it comes to your move, the less stressed you will be during the move process and you will have much more time to figure out how you want to plan out your new home.

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