How to Keep Carpet Looking New

keep-carpet-cleanCarpets are generally a major investment in our homes especially if you have purchased luxurious deep pile carpeting that really complements your interior home décor. However, without a proper cleaning and care routine, they are not likely to maintain their fantastic looks over the long term.

Because we generally put carpets in some of the highest traffic and most heavily used areas of the home such as the living room, they are going to suffer an incredible amount of abuse in the course of normal use, much of it unseen.

Whether it be from the kids, pets or adults, carpets are subjected to use that quickly erodes that soft and supple feel, as well as the beautiful look. But with the right carpet care, you can keep them looking new and beautiful over the long term. Here are some useful tips on how you can keep your carpets looking their best:-

Regular cleaning and care

If you have just purchased a soft and luxurious carpet, you must not forget to invest in an equally powerful vacuum cleaner that you can use in regular vacuuming. Regular vacuum cleaning of the carpets will get rid of the debris as well as soil on the carpet to prevent them from getting embedded into the carpet fibers. Left unchecked, these particles will scratch and erode your carpet surface, which is why you should vacuum clean all carpets on a regular basis. Make sure you vacuum the most frequently used areas more regularly, (if possible at least 3 times a week), as they generally pick the most particles and debris due to their exposure. The less trafficked areas can be vacuumed twice a week and the corners at least once a week.

When shopping for vacuum cleaners, it is also advisable to choose one with adjustable brushes that will adjust to suit the type of carpet that you are cleaning, whether deep pile or low pile. Use the right attachments such as the crevice tools and beater brushes to clean the stairs and corners. A comprehensive cleaning routine will ensure that all surfaces of your carpets retain their finish.

Clean stains and spots immediately

Spots and stains must be dealt with as soon as they occur or as soon as you spot them. Don’t wait until they are completely dried or so deeply embedded in the carpet fibres that cleaning them will require extra scrubbing. When getting rid of stains from your carpets, it is always advisable to follow the directions that have been provided by the manufacturer. Avoid scrubbing too hard as this like to twist or damage the fibers of your carpets.

Make use of runners as well as area rugs

In order to ensure further protection of your carpets, particularly in the highly traffic areas, it is advisable to use runners and rugs so as to reduce the soiling of your carpets. Carefully selected area rugs will also add extra accents to your rooms, enhancing your internal design theme. Some of the areas where you can deploy area rugs include entryways and hallways as well as in front of the sofas.

Get a professional carpet cleaning service

Professional carpet cleaners have industry expertise, the right equipment, the right cleaning products as well as knowledge of your carpet type that you don’t have. As a result, they are likely to do an excellent job in restoring your carpet to a near new look. Once in while, don’t shy away from investing in a professional carpet cleaning service, it’s a small cost to ensure the life of your carpet.

With these simple steps, you can help to keep you carpet looking clean, smelling fresh and remaining as a long term feature in your home.

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