What Interactive Alarm Monitoring Service is All About

alarm monitoring servicesThrough interactive monitoring, a homeowner is given the chance to interact with his security system from just about anywhere. It is all about taking advantage of available remote system control, Geo services and free mobile applications. Through interactive alarm monitoring, a home’s lighting can also be automated to ensure there is greater convenience.

Smash And Crash Protection

It is important to note that today’s interactive alarm system comes with measures ensuring that the alarm does not fail to work if the control panel is destroyed. Many crafty crooks out there have realized smashing the panel can immobilize the system before the alarm is signaled. However, through a platform that ensures the security of the control panel is not compromised, the monitoring center is instantly alerted about a burglary or break-in in progress. This means unless the user or homeowner sends a message that all is clear, help will be sent.

Instantaneous Security Alerts

Interactive alarm monitoring also ensures you receive notifications at any given time about the activity of your alarm in your home. This happens over SMS or text, email or phone once anything has triggered the sensor in place-fire, intrusion or something making its way beyond the restricted area. Through immediate security alerts the way you want them sent to you, it is possible to track your visitors with ease, or the going and coming of your family.

Fire Protection

Just like a successful burglary, fire is also debilitating and expert quality monitoring is important to ensure protection from fire has been accomplished for help to be notified to arrive promptly.

100 Percent Cellular

The reason most interactive alarm monitoring systems seem to fail is because they employ internet or landline phone connections that the huge majority of people today are not using anymore. In case lines are cut by burglars, it is safe to say the system will be useless. However, this does not have to be since any communication that has to take place between your house and the monitoring center should be happening through cellular connections, more so the modern sophisticated Smartphone or Tablet. Thus, whether the landline is cut or not, your interactive alarm monitoring system in place will still be working.


After you have bought an alarm system, the first thing that comes into mind is to ensure burglars are kept away or any other intruder. Through 100 percent monitoring, especially through the mobile platform your security is bound to be burglar-proof. In that respect, cellular interactive alarm monitoring will mean safety.

Environmental Monitoring

The modern interactive alarm monitoring also ensures some elements found in the modern environment do not hurt your family or damage anything in your home. These include carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases, extreme temperatures that lead to bursting and freezing of pipes among others. The comprehensive interactive alarm monitoring system you are using should be the protection you need against lots of things and not just an intrusion.

Health Safety

The modern top-notch interactive alarm monitoring system also ensures that if a person in your home suffers any medical emergency help is called. Monitoring can also be done interactively around the clock to ensure the health of any individual is not threatened.

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