Increasing Your Productivity Might Be as Easy as a Fresh Coat of Paint

Home officeAre you looking to increase productivity at work or even in your home office? If so, you might consider a fresh coat of paint. For decades, psychologists have been studying the effects of color on human behavior. A 2009 study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia not only demonstrated that exposure to different colors influenced people’s moods, but that they also had an impact on an individual’s performance. So what color should you paint your office walls? That depends a lot on the type of work you’re doing and which aspects of your performance you wish to enhance.


The most emotionally intense of all the colors, it is often associated with love, excitement and dominance. In fact, a 2005 study that looked at the colors of the uniforms worn by Olympic athletes in the 2004 Olympic Games found that athletes who wore red while participating in sports such as wrestling, boxing and martial arts defeated competitors wearing blue 60% of the time. In the office, researchers found that workers in red rooms did better on tasks involving attention to detail and memory such as checking a document for spelling and punctuation errors or remembering specific details.


Embodying the peace and serenity of nature, green can provide a very relaxed, refreshed and nurturing environment. Green is also often associated with growth and new beginnings. In fact, the positive, relaxing effects of the color green are so dramatic that it has been used for years in the waiting areas for those appearing on television, radio or stage. Many in the entertainment field call these waiting areas “green rooms” for this reason. Due to the relaxing effect of green, researchers found workers exposed to a green room tended to do better on creative tasks, as well as discovered that individuals tended to be slightly more productive.


Like red, yellow is also a very emotionally intense color.However, it is often associated with both positive and negative emotions. While images of a bright, warm yellow sun tend to invoke feelings of happiness, yellow is also tied to illnesses such as jaundice and yellow fever. In work environments, researchers found yellow to be equally dualistic. While subtle shades of yellow proved to promote clear thinking and better decision making, more intense shades tended to increase the stress most workers felt. Researchers also found that workers tended to argue amongst one another more often in yellow rooms than in any other color.


On the opposite side of the emotional spectrum or red, blue is a very calming, peaceful color and has even been shown to lower people’s blood pressure. Associated with competence, trustworthiness, strength and dependability, blue has long been known as one of the best colors to wear when facing challenging or stressful situations such as a first date or a job interview. When workers were put in a blue office, researchers found that these individuals did significantly better on tasks that required imagination, such as developing a new product or marketing campaign or finding new solutions to difficult problems.


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