How to Choose a Chandelier for Your Space

find the perfect chandelierThe most breathtaking light fixtures in the home often tend to hang from the ceiling. Key areas of the home–like the dining room, entryway or even the kitchen–benefit from an overhead light, chiefly because of the room’s purpose or function. Chandeliers have come a long way in the past few decades. No longer are homeowners left with a basic choice between seemingly cookie cutter styles. Today’s lighting designers offer consumers a chance to dress up their homes proudly rather than simply illuminating the different rooms.

Modern chandeliers inspire, excite, and invite a flurry of emotion, calling attention to the light fixture and all its beauty. The diverse array of chandelier styles and designs makes it easier than ever to find just the right light for a particular location. Consider these helpful points to choose a chandelier for your space.

Determine the Right Chandelier Size

Chandelier size may not immediately come to mind as you weigh your options, but it is an important consideration. You may need to take some measurements in order to determine the best chandelier size for your space. To discover the right diameter for your chandelier, add the dimensions of the room together. For example, a 12′ x 12′ room yields 24′, giving you a 24″ chandelier diameter. Use this formula to determine the right chandelier size for your room.

Besides the size of the room, keep a few other factors in mind like the ceiling height, the shape and size of the table or island (if applicable), and the style of chandelier you are considering. These exercises in preparation should help you to narrow down chandelier options to just the size that will work best in your preferred space.

Find a Great Style

As you begin to search for a lovely chandelier, remember to consider the room where you will hang it. If you are shopping for dining room chandeliers, remember that the chandelier itself should be around 50% of the width (or greater) of your dining room table. You can find exquisite styles that offer a breathtaking aesthetic along with suitable lighting for mealtime. Look for contemporary chandeliers with many light fittings or shades, offering a dance of light and beauty.

Living room chandeliers add drama to an oft ordinary room, instilling a zing of personality from whatever style you choose. Meanwhile, entryway chandeliers can be even more sizeable and dramatic, depending upon the space you have to hang them. The overall shape of chandeliers varies so much from one to the next, from smooth and fluid to sharp and piercing and beyond. Modern chandeliers may take on visual themes, depending on what the light’s designer had in mind. Geometric designs are a popular theme for chandeliers, although they can also take form of elements of nature or even abstract forms.

Bathe your favorite rooms in beauty and light with a contemporary chandelier. Also remember to layer some other light sources in the same room for a beautiful balance that complements your chandelier’s lighting effects.


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