A Rundown of the Advantages of Quartz Countertops

countertopsThe list of advantages using a stone like quartz for your countertops over an artificial material such as formica and corian is lengthy, to say the least. Quartz countertops are even considered superior to granite countertops by some interior designers and home decorating aficionados.

Quartz surfaces merge the finest qualities of laminate counters and more typical stone surfaces into one cutting edge material. Quartz surfaces have only started growing in popularity in the last few years, but that growth has been exponential – and for good reason! The marketplace share normal and engineered quartz, that has increased so rapidly that granite quarries are worried they won’t be able to keep up. Granite has been the center for designers and a designer countertop of option for decades.

A little minority of quartz countertops are finished of normal quartz cut from monolithic blocks of stone produced from quarries. The common of quartz countertop sold nowadays are contrived from about 96% crushed quartz and 4% polymers. The infused stuff consequence in countertops that are almost scratch proof, approximately maintenance free, and the procedure permit the counters to be obtainable in designer colors that vary from transparent whites to grimy browns or colossal blacks.

The color options are a big selling point for most homeowners. With the unbolted floor plans of several kitchens scattering out into dining and living regions, it is significant for designers to fit the colors of your kitchen countertops with the rest of the house. Making your modern kitchen flow into the rest of the house turns out to be a piece of cake.

Here’s a brief list of some of the advantages offered by quartz countertops:

  • Quartz is the most sturdy countertop, stone or contrived countertop you can purchase
  • You can set up quartz tiles or colossal slabs on shower walls
  • Designer color alternatives are obtainable
  • Traditional edges can be shaped
  • Quartz countertops don’t have to be preserved like granite (or cement) surfaces
  • Capability to set up an undermount sink
  • Faucets can be set up on the counter
  • Hot pots and pans can be located on the working face of the counter
  • Quartz countertops disburse for themselves by adding up value to your house

The finest features of quartz countertops are not noticeable from the outside. The inside of the counter is where the most benefits lie. Quartz countertops are the almost permanent counters you can set up. Most producers recommend a guarantee if your counter is set up by a licensed home development outworkers.

Final Tip: Don’t decorate quartz counters with diamonds (including anything encrusted with diamonds) as the countertop might get damaged. Diamonds are one of the few minerals that are harder than quartz. This obviously isn’t a problem for most people, but it still should be noted just in case!

As you know, quartz is immune to staining and is easily cleaned with a few wipes of a cloth, but what you may not have known is that it is also heat resistant. Whilst you don’t want to make a routine of it, you can take a pan right off the stove, put it on the counter and it will not leave any marks. This means your worktops will appear as good as new years down the line!

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