Five Reasons Why Custom Home Design May Add Resale Value to Your Home

Custom Home DesignIn the last couple of decades, properties have become a highly profitable investment. Classified as a primary need, a home is an integral component of our lives. Today it has turned not only just as a shelter, but also a lifestyle. Today, there are an increasing number of people who are looking for a unique houses and unique properties such as custom homes. Long ago, people did not pay any attention to the aspect of home design because of the fact that homes were just meant to be common places where people would rest for the night and part of day. The case today is different and there are as many reasons why you should choose custom home design both for your comfort and also because custom home design may add resale value to your home.

Depending on the part of the globe you come from, there could be differences in the absolute values but the trend remains the same that customization brings along with it higher pricing. Below are six reasons why this is the case:

 Excellent Landscaping

Most custom home design combines well-architected landscape and home. A well designed and maintained landscape, or commonly called as ‘distance’ factor, increase resale value to your home because having well-designed and maintained landscape that surrounds your home will make everyone who sees your residence feel the touch nature.

Convenient and Aesthetic

Custom home design offers both highly aesthetic and convenient place to live. In accordance with the first reason, usually there will be various custom engravings spread throughout the home. These engravings increase the emotional value of the custom home.

Made Using Precious and Rare Materials

Respect to nature is another reason that increases resale value of any home that has been applied with custom home design. This is because most materials used for custom home are rare materials such as wood, stones etc. It is not easy to find these materials. Of course, at one side, the rarity of these materials will directly increase the economic value of the house, but on the other side, it also teaches everyone about how to respect nature, by not exploiting it.

 Guarantees Peace and Tranquility

Peaceful life is another reason that makes a lot of people settle for having custom home designs applied at their dream home. Today, people are no longer looking for luxury they can get from expensive furniture or everything they can have inside their house, but the most important is, people have begun to realize that their home is their actual heaven, as stated by an old proverb: home sweet home. As a building whose construction is always kept in harmony of the nature, custom home design has always been the ultimate solution.

A Feel of Uniqueness

Uniqueness is one important thing that most people would want to have from everything they own including their homes. Today, people have realized that their actions, minds, and sayings are not the only ways that express their characteristics and their personal world, but rather everything they posses including their homes. Different people may have different preferences about their dream homes, but no one denies that custom home design adds unique value to their home which at the end will increase economy value of the home, especially the resale value.

You should never forget about price, both money you should spend in order to achieve the custom home design and money you will get as resale value of your home. Applying custom home design to your home does not mean that you should demolish your home and build a new one with custom home design which of course will need a lot of money and time. Instead, you can find someone whose expertise is in applying custom home design. With some design tips and strategies, you can easily cut expenses you don’t need and use it for more important things such as purchasing rare materials for your house, create engravings etc. Of course, the less money you spend the more profit you will get during resale. This is why, instead of selling their homes upfront, some people choose to apply custom home design to their home before selling it.


Samar is budding consultant who spends most of her time addressing construction companies and homeowners on ways in which they can derive value out of their homes. She writes for Apchin Design Corp. as a freelance blogger.

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