Dealing with Carpet Stains

carpet stainsFingernail polish, crayons, grape juice, pet urine, red clay dirt and just about anything else that you drop on your carpet can leave a hard to clean stain. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you scrub, these nasty stains just won’t come out.

Many people have different ways to clean carpet stains, and they swear that their specific methods are better than others. However, there are many factors that determine how to clean carpet stains. These include things such as the type of carpet and the type of stain. Not all stains are treated in the same manner. Also, just because a product works well on one type of stain does not mean that it’ll do the same for others.

Manufacturer Guidelines

If you are ever in doubt when it comes to cleaning carpet stains, follow the guidelines set forth by the carpet manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend particular carpet cleaning products. They also tell you which products to avoid. Not all carpet fibers are the same, which means that certain products can damage them.

Carpet Cleaners

If you choose to clean with carpet cleaning machines, the manufacturers of these machines also recommend various products. But many carpet cleaners use just steam to clean carpets. It is just a matter of waiting for the steam, high pressure and hot temperature to rid your carpet of dirty stains. Here is a list of the best carpet shampooers you can buy right now.

However, if you don’t have a steam cleaner, there are common solutions that you can create on your own to clean your carpets. The best part is that many of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

When you are ready to clean, use the following tips to get the best results:

  • Use natural cleaning products. One of the best natural carpet cleaners is white vinegar. It works on blood, grease, tea, coffee, ink, grass and many other types of stains. Not only does it help to remove the stain, but it also neutralizes odors. This is great to know if you are trying to clean pet stains.
  • Work quickly to remove the stain as soon as possible. It’s easier to get up a stain when it is new. Older stains are dry and crusty, which makes them hard to remove.
  • Do not rub a stain. Only blot a stain. Rubbing pushes the stain deeper into your carpet, and this makes it harder to clean.

All in all, carpet stains are ugly and difficult to clean, especially if it is an older stain. Depending on the carpet type and stain, you might have to try different types of solutions before you find one that works. Follow manufacturer guidelines and use the aforementioned tips in order to remove carpet stains successfully.

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