Bringing Life To The Bookcase

bookcaseA bookcase normally follows the same design criteria, a large shelving unit with horizontal shelves large enough for your books to sit in. But at a time when more people want something unique, different and interesting in their homes a bookcase can also double up as a design feature. No longer are the restricted to the same tired formula, bookcases now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, incorporating new ideas and becoming something to stand out screaming ‘look at me’ in your home.

The Cave

When I am reading a book I like to feel detached from the outside world, though most of the time I can never get away from the distractions of the home. Something always disturbs me in and takes me out of the little imagination cave I build myself when trying to engross myself within a book. The Cave bookcase actually provides a place where you can literally climb into the books you have, a seating area carved out in the bookcase where you immerse yourself into the book you are reading.

The Expanding Bookcase

Have you ever been in that position where buying another book would be that one too many for your bookshelf? With the expanding bookcase that won’t be a problem, as soon as it looks as if you have run out of room the bookcase simply starts to expand and grow. The expanding bookshelf literally uses the idea of having so many books your bookshelf will burst. The expanding bookcase makes an excellent design piece which will surely grab people’s attention.

Inverted Bookshelf

Defy gravity and have your books hanging upside down. How is that possible though? A simple case of DIY is needed to make this cool looking bookshelf, the books are suspended down in elastic holders which are held in place by staples to the actually shelving unit, the books can be placed in or taken out with ease. If this idea interests you then I suggest you do a quick Google search and follow the quick, simple steps to make sure you own inverted bookshelf.

Classic bookcase

You can also go for the classic, conventional bookcase. This will always look classy in your home and give your home that right amount of sophistication and elegance to impress anyone. Alfred Huntington specialise in making quality bookcases in a range of wood finishes to make your bookcase suit your every need and make sure that it blends in with your home but also stands out enough to be noticed.

Round bookcase sofa

This bookcase meets everything you want in a bookcase. Modern, eye catching design? Yes. Plenty of storage for books? Yes. Somewhere for you to sit? Yes. The round sofa bookcase is essentially a large circle, around the outside there are shelves for your books to sit in and in the centre is a place for you to sit in. The shelving compartments can also double up as a place for you to store other things, maybe have speakers or your clock in there too. Surround yourself with all the things that matter most to you.

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