9 Wonderful Moving Tips

Moving TipsMoving is a challenge but with well organized plans and having the right information and advice you can make your relocation process easy as a breeze.

Here are 9 wonderful tips to make your move easy:

  1. Prepare yourself well in advance. It is very important to prepare a list of items that you want to move and then start packing them. You can keep the most important things unpacked till the last day of the move but pack the remaining stuff. Do not pack your medical records and papers related to your move as you can need them.

  1. Pack your belongings in the correct manner. The way you pack your things will determine their safety. If you want your goods to reach your new home safely and without any breakage and destruction on the way you must be very careful while packing your things.

  1. Make use of newspapers, bubble wrap, and cushions to enhance the safety of your fragile and expensive items during the move. Proper cushioning would prevent your china and expensive cutlery from moving inside the boxes and hitting one another during the move.

  1. If you are packing furniture items, it is advisable to dissemble them as it makes moving heavy sofa, bed, and tables easier and convenient. You can unscrew the legs, back, glass top, and can put the seats and cushions in a different bag. You can make use of food bags or your large garbage bags to pack nuts and bolts and other small items of your furniture.

  1. Put labels on the moving boxes. You can list down all the items on a paper and then label them on the box containing those items. Labelling is quite beneficial as you can easily locate the items that you want. You can also tell the professional movers how to handle a particular moving box.

  1. Drain and dry your washer and dryer completely before moving them. Likewise, defrost your freezer completely and make sure that all the contents are removed before its being moved.

  1. You should not pack food and beverages that are opened. If you intend to use them the same day, it is fine else do not carry them with you. Pack only sealed containers of foods and drinks.

  1. Have a discussion with the moving company before the actual day of the move. You can call the movers to your place and show them the various items that need to be moved. It would help them come with the right moving boxes and supplies to ensure smooth and easy moving of your goods.

  1. On the day of the move, send your kids to your friends or family. If they are away, your moving company would be able to work without any disturbance and your kids can also avoid the hassle and inconvenience of residential move.

Enjoy moving to your new home!!

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